Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Centre

  rdlandco 11:28 05 Nov 2013

I have upgraded my new Sony Vaio All-in-one computer to Windows 8.1 Pro which has given me Media Centre with a new Product Key which I have entered. I cannot get the Media Centre to recognise the built-in TV Tuner in the Sony as it comes up with a message 'The TV Signal cannot be configured because a TV Tuner was not detected. If you have a TV Tuner ensure it is installed correctly.' I cannot see how I can check this. I have managed to download the current TV schedules in 'Guide' which suggests the program has detected a TV signal or maybe this has just come from the Internet connection rather than the TV Tuner. I have a TV aerial connection to the back of the computer and am stuck with what to try next. The TV program works fine with a very good picture but I cannot record. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem and can help me (an 80 year old silver surfer!!)

  rdlandco 13:41 08 Nov 2013

Sorry for delay in responding. The model No. is SVL2413M1EB. bought September 2013.

I emailed Sony Support and they sent me a link to the manual with instructions to look for the TV Tuner driver through this. I could not find it on looking in C:Windows\Drivers as this suggested. I have asked Sony for further help and await their reply although I note from the link they sent that they say they do not provide support for the drivers.

It seems ridiculous to me that they sell a computer with a TV Tuner for which drivers can not be found, even by the Microsoft technician who took over my machine in his endeavours.

  rdlandco 18:56 09 Nov 2013

Many thanks for the bad news!!

I will look at the advice given and make a decision but I am extremely annoyed to think that I have been misled into believing I had a TV Tuner which I fully expected to work with Windows Media Centre, which I had to pay an extra £99.99 to buy.

I suppose there is no fool like an old fool and at almost 80 years old perhaps I should have known better.

Thanks again for solving a problem which has kept me fully occupied for three full days now with all the frustrations of call centre 'Help' from India and extreme difficulty in finding out how to get through to Microsoft and Sony.

  rdave13 19:36 09 Nov 2013

So you bought the upgrade to 8.1 pro for that price. Your quarrel is with Sony I'm afraid as it is their hardware that's not working. I know it's not a complete answer but how about getting a new tv tuner card, compatible with 8.1 ( two compatible ones here). Search for the cheapest, install, and get it working. Now I'd contact Sony for some recompense? or some 'good will' gesture on their part. Worth a go. Or try a usb one that Lazarus The 2nd suggested.

  rdave13 21:53 09 Nov 2013

Lazarus The 2nd thanks. Not remembered it was one of these All in One PC.

Apologies rdlandco . Still once you get it up and running via usb I'd still contact Sony to complain. Seems they have a lot of issues with 8.1.

  rdave13 22:14 09 Nov 2013

I've gone through hoops to find an alternative number to speak to a human on the telephone (might be better if you register your machine on the site) but only came across this 35.743ppm exorbitant charge, from here.

Getting 404 errors in Internet Explorer for other registration forms then help and support. Works ok in Firefox. Another reason I won't touch a Sony product.

  rdave13 22:33 09 Nov 2013

Try 08702 402 408

  rdave13 22:35 09 Nov 2013

Gets better, Sonypencoed.

  rdave13 22:39 09 Nov 2013

Worked hard to get this info. IE 11 let me down with 404 errors and good old open source Firefox did the job. Shows that you should have duplicates of everything on a PC including browsers.

  rdlandco 17:04 08 Dec 2013

I ordered a dongle to enable me to use Windows Media Centre but Dabs were out of stock and have still not supplied. I could have got it elsewhere at higher cost, but from Germany etc., and not so easy to return or question, if necessary, so am still waiting!! In the meantime I have found that by attaching a spare hard drive to the dedicated USB behind the computer and connected to the TV tuner section,as well as registering this as required, I can record. I could have saved over £150 if I had known this before. The TV is completely separate from the computer. If only this had been made clear by Sony Engineers or information had been available on the package. I think this is disgraceful and a serious black mark for Sony.

  rdlandco 07:23 09 Dec 2013

I tried to pot a message yesterday but seem to have failed!! I have eventually found out how to record on this new Vaio computer which has a TV facility completley separate from the computer. I have wasted over £150 buying Windows 8 Pro to get Media Centre and a further £54 for a dongle to provide a link to the computer which has not yet been delivered due to stock shortage!! It is a pity that there is no indication of the separate function and any direction on how to overcome it...even Sony Engineers did not advise me. There is a dedicated USB connection at the back of the monitor and I have attached an old hard disk which then had to be 'registered' with the machine. I have managed to record a TV program and am now struggling with how to play it back as access is not readily apparent as it would be on a recording machine. Black Mark to Sony for poor information and poor access.

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