windows 8.1 has deleted everything!

  belayer 19:31 30 Oct 2013

I have turned on my PC after a short holiday, it has Windows 8.1. It has mysteriously lost the 'mydocuments' icon, and I can find no way of looking for any files. All my email accounts have disappeared, as have all my emails etc, contacts, the lot.

Have tried the 'OPEN' command in Word and Excel, but they find no foldes, files or anything.

Various programs that were downloaded are still there OK on desktop (Google Earth, AVG etc).

Any suggestions?

  chub_tor 20:26 30 Oct 2013

Have you made a search for *.doc or docx depending which version you have to see if they are located somewhere on your hard drive(s)?

  belayer 21:03 30 Oct 2013

Thanks, yes, it gives me them, with a root:


the problem is, I don't appear to have browser! The icon to browse files on the drive seems to have disappeared. Its weird.

So in a Word document I can now find them via 'OPEN' but I still need to have a browser.

Also, all my email accounts seem to have disappeared, and all the emails I had, address book etc.

  chub_tor 21:42 30 Oct 2013

I'm not quite sure what you mean by a browser in the context you are talking about but if you want to restore My Documents to the Desktop you should be able to do it by right clicking on the Desktop then clicking on Personalise and then on Change Desktop Icons and ticking any of them that you want to appear.

  belayer 22:18 30 Oct 2013


yes, have found an icon and given it a name, and then copied my documants into it.

seems to have sorted the problem.

Thanks for your help.

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