Windows 8.1 boot loader

  bridge+ 09:26 05 Jul 2014

I have Windows 8.1 on one HD and Widows 7 on another HD. I was persuaded to changed to a SSD which resulting in having to reinstall Widows 7 and restore Windows 8.1 boot-up sector via the install disk – using ‘repair’ and also Dos Bootrec /fixmbr - summed up, a disaster. Now, no problem with W8.1 and Microsoft’s boot loader but a big problem with W7 – i.e. the boot loader not recognized W7. Using the repair facility brings it back to life but....... chkdsk , which automatically runs, makes W7 invisible again – this problem can be solved by not allowing chkdsk to run - this works providing the computer is not switched off ; if switched on, back to square one again. Please do not suggest reinstalling both systems; I am very near my 3 installs limit. Any advice please? – I am completely baffled !

  BRYNIT 14:12 05 Jul 2014

Installation should have been windows 7 and then windows 8, windows 8 would have created a duel boot menu if both drives were connected.

I don't know what you mean by "I am very near my 3 installs limit" you can reinstall windows as many times as you like on the same computer.

You could try Visual BCD Editor CLICK HERE this repairs the boot menu. As it's the first time I've seen this I tried it on a spare computer, I connected another drive with a second OS and it seems to work. Clicking on auto repair should create a duel boot menu.

  bridge+ 15:20 06 Jul 2014

Hi Brynit, Many thanks for your advice. I was able to recover W8's BCD which automatically solved the problem ! One happy customer !

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