windows 8 upgrading motherboard

  pensionerdj 20:20 09 Aug 2013


I recently bought a brand new pc with windows 8 (from John Lewis) already installed on it, however the motherboard and processor are being upgraded this weekend as they are not good enough for what i want it for, will i have to re install window when i get it back? as i never got installation disks or anything like that, sorry for being dumb, just not clued up on these things lol

  rdave13 20:55 09 Aug 2013

Ask the company that's installing the upgrade components of this issue. That's the first thing I'd ask. If they can't install the OS after upgrade then I'd ask questions. No doubt you're paying a few bob for this and if it comes with Win 8 installed make SURE they give you the Windows 8 key.

  woody 00:41 10 Aug 2013

Will the OLD OS work with a new "PC"?

With OEM you can change/add some items but motherboard and CPU are a big change!

Forgive me BUT are you sure your PC before changes will not be powerful enough for your needs?

  pensionerdj 01:03 10 Aug 2013

basically I am learning to produce music and use Cubase and at the moment its using around 85% of my cpu, then with back ground things goung on, it takes the cpu useage to 100% which is not good lol....its an A6-5400K processor and the maximum processor I can upgrade to with the motherboard I have is an A10-5800K which i think still will not be able to handle it :(

  woody 10:35 10 Aug 2013

Music is not my field but would not think it takes more than graphics.

Do you need all the "background" items running while you use "music"?

How much ram do you have?

  Batch 15:35 10 Aug 2013

A10-5800 is quite a jump from A6-5400, so are you sure that would not be enough? Although the rest of the system might slow things down anyhow.

Idea of doing wholesale upgrade on a new PC seems perverse. I'd have thought buying a new (much more powerful) PC would have been the way to go.

In any event, you would need to reinstall the OS and you should get away with reinstalling and activating Windows 8 if you use the product key from the PC CoA label as this should not have been the same as the product key used in the generic factory install. All you need is an appropriate installation DVD. Beg, steal or borrow comes to mind.

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