Windows 8 upgrade

  Ford Prefect 01 11:31 17 Oct 2012

Hi there

I am considering taking up the £49 offer at Amazon. If I upgrade will I be able to use my Windows 7 disc in another computer?

Many thanks

  iscanut 11:37 17 Oct 2012

Not an answer to your question, but the £49 is for the Win 8 Pro version. The ordinary home user version will be about £25 I think so hold on a couple of weeks or so !!

  Forum Editor 11:39 17 Oct 2012

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  Forum Editor 11:41 17 Oct 2012

yes, you will, provided it is an original retail version DVD.

  Ford Prefect 01 11:46 17 Oct 2012

Ok many thanks

Now I'll have to work out how to install win 7 on my netbook!!!

  Forum Editor 11:59 17 Oct 2012

You'll need an external CD drive for that. Connect the drive to your Netbook's USB port and turn the computer on. Go into the BIOS and set the boot order so that the CD drive is the first boot device. Save your change and exit.

Shut down the computer and put the Windows7 DVD in the drive. Start the netbook and you'll see a message telling you to press any key to continue booting to the CD drive. Press a key and the Windows 7 installer will start to run.

Make sure you back up all your data files before you start, and that you have installation disks for any installed software. Then select the option to run a clean install of Windows7.

  woody 20:10 17 Oct 2012

"If I upgrade"

FE"yes, you will, provided it is an original retail version DVD."

With UPGRADE do you not have to keep/use old OS? If we can buy FULL win8 OS then he can use old OS on another PC.

  Forum Editor 12:44 19 Oct 2012


"With UPGRADE do you not have to keep/use old OS?"

No, Windows 8 will put all the Windows 7 files in a new folder called 'Windows.old) on the hard drive.

  woody 17:40 19 Oct 2012

If you do not need the old OS then is it an upgrade? It can be put on any PC without an OS if you do not need the old OS. I would not call an OS that does not need other OS an "Upgrade".

  rdave13 20:45 19 Oct 2012

woody , it's an upgrade for that PC. Once upgraded you can use the old retail OS on an other PC. You've already paid for the original and you can install on one PC any amount of times so long as it is on one PC. Once you upgrade the original PC to 8 then your retail 7 is available to be installed on another.

  woody 20:58 20 Oct 2012

I am sorry to keep on about this but this quote was from windows blog - "To install Windows 8 Pro, customers must be running Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. " I can see you may sell your copy of the old OS(under certain conditions) but it looks like you would not be able (or legal?) to reinstall /use win 8.

Then this from ZNET " After I upgrade, can I use my old Windows version on a separate partition or on another PC? Can I give it away or sell it?

No. The upgrade replaces the old license completely. The terms are written in very clear language:

The software covered by this agreement is an upgrade to your existing operating system software, so the upgrade replaces the original software that you are upgrading. You do not retain any rights to the original software after you have upgraded and you may not continue to use it or transfer it in any way. END quote.

I have tried to find a copy of license terms for win 8 but can not locate one.Does FE have a copy?

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