Windows 8 update and files deleted

  galtyq1 09:25 12 Apr 2017

HELP - all my files are gone. I'm a student, all my docs, pictures (from wedding also) are not working here's what happened:

  1. All my files (pictures and word documents) were located in 2 folders on the Desktop.
  2. Windows did un update
  3. After the update, I got logged in to an empty Desktop (which later i have learned was a temporary user)
  4. I searched for my folder (while on the temp-user) and found them on the C:>Users>[Real-User]>Desktop>[Target-Folders]
  5. I copied them to that temp-user desktop
  6. Restarted computer, now it logged in to the Real-User
  7. Folders were not there
  8. Looked everywhere, couldn't find them
  9. Searched for information, read about Shadow Explorer, downloaded & used it.
  10. Found the folders, exported them to the desktop.
  11. The files are now present, but are CORRUPTED! I can't open the images or doc files...
  12. Did a system restore to before everything happened, the files are still in the exact same situation... :(

Some notes: 30% of the JPG files are 90% gray and you can only see the top 10px of the image.. 50% won't even open (no preview, when open i get an error - Invalid File) 20% show the preview of the image (when browsing the folder) but can't open them

-tried to change file names/extension -tried to open with Photoshop. paint. several image-browsers -doc (word) files also gives an error. tried to open them with Notepad++/Google docs etc nothing worked - tried several JPG recovery software, nothing worked..

What could be the problem? How can I recover those files?

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