windows 8 update to 8.1

  rocketbob 22:50 23 Dec 2013

my mate is trying to update his pc from windows8 to w8.1 the install has got so far but the small circle just keeps spinning his pc was left on overnight and its still the same how can we correct this issue

  rdave13 15:05 24 Dec 2013

To be honest I'm not sure what I'd do in this situation. We're always being warned not to switch off the PC when doing critical updates. Has your friend burnt the restore to factory discs or USB flash drive? I hope he has as if a disaster happens he can always re-set the laptop.

  theDarkness 03:21 31 Dec 2013

Did he wait or reset-how did it go? I always wait, regardless of how long-even more so if no back up has been made. I have had to wait more than a few hours for an offline system restore before, it finished almost as soon as I hit that reset button. Windows can be unpredictable at times.

There could be installed software slowing down that update to a crawl,so even if it looks like a freeze, it still might not be. MS update is notoriously slow along with it's common failed updates message however, making things worse-regardless of system. This is one of the reasons as to why I have not bothered to update to 8.1. An ISO update should have been downloadable from their website

  chub_tor 15:27 31 Dec 2013

As far as I know there is no ISO download for Windows 8.1 as it is intended to be an inplace upgrade similar to a regular update and you can only get it from the Microsoft Store.

There are a couple of ways of getting a Win 8.1 ISO by tricking the system as you start the install click here for one of them

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