Windows 8 sign in screen misspelt emails address

  RISC OS user 17:32 15 Oct 2013

I loaded Windows 8 and used my email address as asked and it appeared after my name and before the password request line at each boot up. I believed the Laptop was running very slowly so I carried out a clean re-install of windows 8. Stupidly I misspelt my email address this time and did not notice it until I was asked to verify that the email address was mine (I had done this successfully the first time I installed Windows 8) so I again asked for the email from Microsoft to be sent again, when it did not arrive yet again I started looking and found my error. My problem now is I cannot find a way to rectify the error. I just get more and more confused with the Microsoft help screens, I do not understand the terminology, I am sure I will end up with what I do not want. All I want is my email address spelt correctly at the sign in to Windows 8 screen, and for my Microsoft account to be accessible to me. Help Please.

  rdave13 20:28 15 Oct 2013

You could create an admin account (without an email name) using the wrongly spelled email account. Log in to the non-email account then follow section 4 here. Worth reading it all really.

  BRYNIT 21:28 15 Oct 2013

You may be able to change it from Settings/user your accounts.

This may help CLICK HERE

You could also try the free chat on Microsoft-Technical-Support CLICK HERE the may have the answer. (Never tried this web site before)

  RISC OS user 10:19 17 Oct 2013

Thanks for the help, I changed the admin account and the misspelling disappeared and now I can sign in to my MS account.

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