Windows 8 pro x64 boot issue

  gimmemabrewski 22:51 01 Jul 2013

hi I am having trouble getting Windows 8 to boot. I'm no novice when it comes to computers but I'm no programmer either lol. my current configuration is as follows: hp g60-445dx w/ amd turion 2.2 Nvidia 8200g graphics and 4 gigs of ram. now to the problem. It constantly reboots during the boot process. With enough tries it boots eventually. I've tried to restore, reinstall OS, multiple Nvidia drivers, updating, and it even has the same problems booting into safe mode. I am running a dual boot using grub on a secondary hdd but the issue is persistent when only using the Windows 8 hdd. I've also compared boot logs from a successful boot and a non successful boot and they appear the same. so maybe it's an early service loading before the lockscreen appears? any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  gimmemabrewski 23:19 01 Jul 2013

So I finally got it to boot again and this time my fan was running full speed for quite some time so I loaded up core temp and my cpu was at about 90 degrees celcius but only maxing at 58% (cpu0) and like 20% (cpu1). I rebooted into linux and they are now settled at around 55 degrees each. This kind of boggles my mind a little because I have never had temps that high even at a full load. I have installed the latest nforce drivers in Windows as well. Perhaps a chipset driver problem? Again any advice would be appreciated. Thanks again.

  woody 11:10 02 Jul 2013

Is the fan working Ok - is there dust - is the air inlet blocked?

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