Windows 8 and Outlook 2003

  QuizMan 15:37 03 Nov 2012

I have run the W8 compatibility checker and everything is fine except, rather surprisingly. MS Outlook 2003. Outlook 2003 is one of those programs that I have used and come to rely on over the years and Outlook is not part of the MS Office 2007 suite that I also use.

I cannot really justify paying for a newer version of Outlook, but can anybody confirm that is does not work with W8? Otherwise, any recommendations for an alternative that will accept OST & PST files?

  QuizMan 16:50 03 Nov 2012

Jock1e - thank you, but I think you are referring to which is a web-based "upgrade" of MSN & Hotmail. Outlook 2003 is an integrated e-mail, diary and contacts management program.

  Forum Editor 17:12 03 Nov 2012

"Outlook is not part of the MS Office 2007 suite that I also use."

In which case you must be using the student version. Outlook is included in all the other versions, although the business contact management facility missing from it in the Standard version.

I can confirm that none of the MS Office 2003 programmes will work in Windows 8.

  QuizMan 18:25 03 Nov 2012

FE - thank you. "In which case you must be using the student version"

It is the Home & Student version as I consider myself rather long in the tooth for a student :-) Are you able to confirm if MS Office 2003 to which you refer includes Outlook as, if so, I find it odd if that is OK, but the stand-alone Outlook 2003 is not.

  renard 18:38 06 Jan 2013

Forum Editor says above: "I can confirm that none of the MS Office 2003 programmes will work in Windows 8."

However, I have found many posts on the internet which say that Office 2003 is definitely compatible with Windows 8.

Also many people saying they have upgraded to 8 and are happily running Office 2003 on it.

There is much confusion here. Even Microsoft contradict themselves - on the one hand they say it is not compatible, but elsewhere they say that it is!!

  ChrisMia 17:03 16 Jan 2013

I bought 4 new HP sleekbooks running WIN 8. I installed the office 2003 solution which I have been using successfully for many years. Now the frustrating experience in the WIN 8 environment: outlook runs unstable which is a major problem when you depend on your email reliability for work. The most common issue I've experienced on this installations is that outlook will suddenly not download emails. It connects to the server and hangs in there after a couple of 100kb. We have also had problems in configuring the email signatures. Outlook will simply not retain the formatting. Also: in WIN 8 a ppt presentation will not be automatically opened with powerpoint 2003, and I have not found yet a way to create this link. I have to first save the presentation somewhere in my files and then open it through powerpoint. Also, the system will crash when you copy and paste between for example internet explorer and word or excel. All this will at times not happen. I did not find any literature the could lead to the cause other then Office 2003 and WIN8 are not compatible :-(

  gippingman 21:06 16 Jan 2013

I have Windows 8 and MS Office (student & teacher) 2003 - I continue to use my old/existing email addresses by setting up the email server info up manually via Outlook 2003 and can send & receive emails (although I have a separate unrelated issue!) ok and other office 2003 applications also work fine

  QuizMan 18:07 21 Jan 2013

Thanks to everyone for their input. There are conflicting comments which makes me err on the the side of caution. I can do without Windows 8 (although the £25 upgrade seemed too good to miss), but I cannot do without Outlook 2003 or justify an upgrade to 2010 so I shall stick where I am.

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