Windows 8 Metro Apps

  cebbie 12:16 30 Sep 2013

Windows 8 Metro Apps have stopped connecting to the internet.
They have been working since I installed Windows 8 when it was released last year but stopped last week. I have searched the web for answers but none have worked.

Can you please help

  cebbie 12:20 30 Sep 2013

Sorry My first post was not very good.

Windows 8 Metro IE10 has stopped connecting to the internet, i get "This page can't be displayed" but if i select view on the desktop, it works. Any APP that require the internet will not work, Store and Mail for example. The las email I received was last week, I assume that is when it stopped working. The desk top all works fine.

I have been using Windows 8 since it was released last year and have not had happen before.

I have searched the Internet for answers but none have worked.

Can you please help

  rdave13 14:41 30 Sep 2013

Right click the start icon bottom left corner and select run. Type services.msc in the box and enter. Scroll down to DNS Client and check it is started and on automatic.

  cebbie 16:09 30 Sep 2013

Thank you rdave,

Yes it is running automatic (Trigger Start) I even restarted it but still cannot get IE10, mail or store to run from the start page.


  steviekm 08:47 02 Oct 2013

Hi, What antivirus are you using? Had a similar problem when I was testing the latest version of Norton 360; problem was solved when I took it off and put my regular a/v back on.


  cebbie 08:46 07 Oct 2013

Hi Steve, I am running windows defender and have been since I installed win8. I have already tried disabling it with out any luck.

  cebbie 09:06 07 Oct 2013

I have just come across another issue which may be connected to this problem. When I try to open my network in explorer, from the desktop, I get the network discovery turned off message at the top of the page, and I cannot turn it on in both private and public. The network I am connected to is private network, I have connected both Ethernet and wireless.

  steviekm 09:28 11 Oct 2013


It may be an idea to refresh your PC to see if that helps; might be a bit extreme but i find that it is usually quicker in the long run than trying to fix issues such as this ( i regularly do this as i test various software on an ongoing basis ) on average it only takes me approx 2 hours to get my pc back to "new" and have never had any carry over issues when doing so. If you do a refresh it would be an idea to install a good back up program to make a mirror image of your system once you have it as you want (free programs such as macrium and acronis etc come to mind) then it is a simple matter to revert back to this image if you need to in the future. I would recommend that you upgrade your a/v solution as windows defender is at best mediocre.several full commercial solutions are easily available on extended free trials-for example full and latest versions of: avg internet security 2014 1 year free, f secure antivirus 2014 1 year licence, webroot 2014 etc etc-have a look at: click here all of this helps,




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