Windows 8 - Many problems !!

  Mark_Hayward 07:12 23 Sep 2013

For over a month I have been struggling to get to grips with W8 on my non touch screen laptop. Why oh why are so many W7 features now hidden?? I have several problems: 1) The Power Settings keep reverting themselves back to Power Saver every time I restart the laptop, despite the unit remaining on mains power ?? 2) Java Script doesn't work properly despite me having downloaded the latest update - Pages containing Java take a long time to open and a lot of the info is missing when they do. 3) I have given up using the Apps because once I open them, there is no exit button...why? I use Alt+F4 to revert back to the Start instead !! 4) The Wireless AP setting in Networks doesn't work properly...yes I can set my laptop as a Wifi Access point, however other units eg smart phone will connect to it but not have internet access at all...why ?? 5) If I access the Windows Event Viewer I find up to 50 System Errors occurring and being logged every 24 hours...why so many as I am running only genuine W8 and Microsoft Office Software ???

I am so sick of all the issues surrounding W8 and all I find is temporary fixes all over the internet, why has Microsoft not addressed any of these problems correctly, in fact why is W8 so complicated anyway ?? I am on the verge of a total Format and reload with my original copy of W7 Ultimate which worked perfectly on my old laptop, unless somebody can convince me it is worth carrying on with this W8 junk !!

  jaywoo 12:56 23 Sep 2013

Your laptop is probably using some manufacturer installed power management software which is resetting the power plan - have a look at the icons in the right hand tray and in the Programs & Features list.

Java & Javascript are two different things - can you give an example of a page that doesn't work properly on your system? And which browser are you using?

I don't use Metro apps but usually hitting the Windows key on your keyboard takes you back to the start menu.

There are always error events in the Event logs, they don't necessarily mean your computer is not working properly.

  Mark_Hayward 16:12 23 Sep 2013

Thanks Jock1e, I have been using Classic Shell for past 3 weeks, Windows 8 is useless without it.

Thanks Jaywoo, but the laptop is not using any Manufacturers Power Management System, although there is a choice for it. The unit simply resets itself to Power Saver at various times when restarted. Today it decided to start in the previous setting, which was 'Balanced' and I thought maybe the issue was solved, however when left unattended it closed down and had changed to Power Saver once again on restart.

An example of a page not the Log In Page on this site, everything but the section on the right loads, but I have no boxes for email and password...crazy as it may seem, this only occurs if I post a reply prior to logging in ??

I was using IE 10 however I got fed up with the caption, an error on this page has caused Internet Explorer to recover the page, or Internet Explorer is not responding and various other errors, I changed to Firefox, but have similar trouble with that. Pages open but take such a long time to open properly as if the scroll is frozen for 10 seconds each time ??

I am aware of the Windows Key, hitting it +D takes you back to the Desktop. Why do we have these awful Apps on a non touch screen laptop, they are next to useless and can not be closed normally once opened.

I understand there are always errors in the Event log, but why so many ?? Obviously the system is suffering too many of them to be working correctly.

All of these issues and many more, such as being unable to run several items of software, with no fix available on the manufacturers site and compatability mode not working makes W 8 a dog for me so far.

  Mark_Hayward 16:17 23 Sep 2013

Add to the above...the version of Skype in Apps is different to normal and missing several features...why ??? I have had to uninstall it and re-install the downloaded Skype from the website instead...why ??

Internet Explorer in apps is also different and can not access certain pages or run Youtube...why ??? I have to open IE on the Desktop instead, it is a different version...why ??

Why are there so many ways of doing the same thing, why are so many features hidden...try right clicking at lower left of a Command prompt is available ??? Hidden or what ?

  Mark_Hayward 16:20 23 Sep 2013

and now I get this...

Site Error

It appears the site had some difficulty processing your request and has errored internally.

An email has automatically been sent to technical support.

If you would like to tell us more about what occurred please email at our webmaster address webmaster ([email protected])

Too often this occurs on so many different sites ??

  jaywoo 22:26 23 Sep 2013

I think I've seen that error a couple of times here lately, don't think that's your PC at fault.

You seem fantastically underwhelmed with Windows 8, maybe you should go back to 7.

  Mark_Hayward 05:33 24 Sep 2013

Back to 7 is the easy way out and a route that seems to be followed by so many W8 sufferers. I can see the advantages of W8 features on a touch screen device and have found them quite workable, however on a non touch device they are an add-on that is not really usable. How does one close an App anyway ??

The problems I have with W8 seem to be quite common right across the Globe, and it would appear that there is no quick fix either. I will wait until the official W8.1 upgrade is released (18 Oct) and see if Microsoft have been effective in addressing the issues, but, even though I am an optimist, I do not hold out much hope.

My Power and Java issues are sufferable in the short term, but my inability to use the laptop as a wifi hotspot or to run certain software that allows me to do the same is not acceptable. Similarly being unable to use Jabra PC Suite on W8 is not good and there is simply no viable reason why I can not do so. Compatability mode for many programs simply does not work in W8 and there is no easy fix.

Anybody know why we have this Memory Hungry File History thing in W8 that makes copies of every file in My Documents and Desktop, supposedly for recovery purposes...what the hell is all that about ??? There is an Off option, so I used it immediately.

So is W8 the dog it is perceived to be or am I just unlucky, let's see how many go back to W7 in the next few months, I fear I will be one of them !

  Secret-Squirrel 09:32 25 Sep 2013

Hi Mark

"....Why do we have these awful Apps on a non touch screen laptop......the version of Skype in Apps is different to normal and missing several features...why ???...............Internet Explorer in apps is also different.......I have to open IE on the Desktop instead, it is a different version...why ??"

You seem to be missing the point of Windows 8. Microsoft have created a single version of Windows for regular laptops and desktop PCs, tablet PCs, and the new hybrid devices which are laptop and tablet. Using the Start Screen apps on a touch-screen tablet is so much easier than their equivalent desktop versions. So that's why there are two versions of the same program. If you don't like the app ones, don't use them and use the desktop versions instead.

"How does one close an App anyway ??"

You don't - that's by design. Windows will close them automatically but only if you start running out of memory. If you really want to close one then the old-fashioned way of ALT+F4 still works.

  daxian 09:56 25 Sep 2013

hi ... as to closing apps ...this is easier with a mouse or the touchscreen feature, move the cursor to the top of the screen,till it changes to a hand,left click and hold ,then drag toward the bottom of the voila !! the app closes.

  robwin 18:06 26 Sep 2013

Hi Mark, Shame you seem to be having problems with Win8 as I have found it brilliant. Having said that i must admit the missing start menu is an error but is easily solved. I have tried the free Classic Shell menu but didn't like it very much but the Start8 one is exactly like the origonal though isn't free but £3.50 ain't much to buy but have found another now called Startisback and is only about £3.00 and is a licence for 2 pc's which is better. Also as you have probably found with Classic Shell you can set it to boot straight to the desktop so you avoid ever seeing the Metro interface and so thus works just like Win7. I have also used Windows Defender on Win8 which I have found works fine for me and do visit some dodgy sites from time to time. You do get a few bits of malware creep in sometimes but I do a scan with Malwarebytes software every couple of weeks which takes about 5-10 mins and clears out any in there so you avoid the cost of other antivirus. Am looking forward to the Win8.1 update next which I hope will bring a few extra innovations like IE11 and no doubt a few funnies. As far as IE10 if you open it when in the desktop you should get the normal version and as far as Skype is concerned you need to load up the desktop version from the Skype site as the app version is crap.

  Mark_Hayward 06:47 28 Sep 2013

@ Secret Squirrel - I am fully aware that if I do not wish to use the Apps I can use the desktop, however can you explain the reasons why the App versions of programs are different. Eg Skype, the App version is crap and every W8 user I know has downloaded the Desktop version instead. Why does the IE in Apps not have Active X, whereas the Desktop version does ?? Sorry but having Apps stay open until ''running out of memory'' is not how I wish to operate my computer, a simple 'close' button would be more useful. Lets face it for a non touch screen device the Apps are just something added on the side of W8 and basically useless. Why did they not realise this and develop W8 for desktops and W8T with the extra crap for tablets and touch screen devices ?? By the way I have both and yes the touch screen version is quite nice to use on my touch screen device, but the attempt at duality makes the version on my non touch laptop seem horrible.

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