windows 8 Mail App change font

  Wonderland1 00:47 21 Apr 2014

In Windows 8 using the Mail App. Is it possible to permanently change the default font/ font size? There are instructions in the Mail App on how to change the font for a new E-mail but reverts to default settings when next e-mail is started. Also is it possible to delete or ammend Permanently the greeting 'sent from Windows Live Mail' in each e-mail?

  rdave13 21:16 21 Apr 2014

I don't use the mail app but use Windows Live Mail on the desktop. That might be more configurable than the app. I'm being lazy here but there must be a way if you go top right and down for 'settings'. I don't know really.

  Wonderland1 10:49 23 Apr 2014

The reason for asking the question is that being of the older generation with failing eyesight along with many friends with similar eyesight problems, macular degeneration etc, the simpler things are, the better, so as we mostly have replaced our computers/laptops with windows 8 new computers/laptops due Windows XP no longer being supported by Microsoft we are all trying to make the best out of Windows 8. We have tried contacting Microsoft Support with this issue but never receive a straight answer, so we suspect that as yet the font changes in mail app. must be done for each new e-mail. Some of us have tried using the magnifier to read text in e-mails but in Windows 8 it is unweildy. Using larger font size with bold enabled seems to be the best option for us all if only we could make the font changes permanent.

  rdave13 14:59 23 Apr 2014

I might have found a workaround. On the desktop right corner, then settings. 'change PC settings', 'PC and devices', 'display', under "more options", 'change the size of application, text......etc', and change from default to larger.

  Wonderland1 15:45 23 Apr 2014

Hello rdave13... Able to navigate to 'Costomise your display' easily, however under 'more options' the only option seems to be 'default', cannot see any other options. Tried it with Mail App. running and not running. on your display are you getting a 'larger' option? I have made sure that all updates including mail app are all up to date.

  rdave13 14:23 24 Apr 2014

Checked our laptop, resolution 1366 x 768 and only 'default' available. Desktop with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 does support it and shows default and larger. So your display, apparently, doesn't support it. Pity, so back to the drawing board.

  rdave13 15:05 24 Apr 2014

Seems an impossible task. Another workaround might be the magnifier. Open the mail app, press and hold the Windows key, tap the '+' key to magnify. Win key and '-' to decrease. Scroll by just moving cursor to edges of screen. What I did was Win-key pressed , tapped the '+'key. Got 150% magnification. Used the mouse cursor on edges to scroll the page. On finishing I used the Win-key and the ESC key to close magnifier. Not ideal but once you're used to the keys it might get to be second nature. I hope it helps.

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