Windows 8 Google in French

  belayer 09:56 23 Oct 2013

Since installing Windows 8 I am finding that if I put Google in my address bar it fetches with all the text in French. (I think this happens with other sites too sometimes) have checked all my settings for language and location and they all seem to be UK English. gets me to the UK site.

Any ideas?

  belayer 16:02 23 Oct 2013

Difficult to explain when I don't understand the problem myself, but:

If I am in IE and I type I get redirected to this instead:

click here is the site it takes me to, and everything is in French. This is a problem if I am on a site that links to because it means I cannot access A friend tried to send me a large powerpoint file via storage on google (which I don't understand), but I couldn't access that because everything on screen is in French.

Is that any better?


  Woolwell 16:46 23 Oct 2013

Are you using the app or IE10 from the desktop?

In IE10 settings - manage add-ons - search providers and check set to Google UK.

  belayer 11:25 25 Oct 2013

Woolwell, what do you mean by IE settings? Do you mean the little cogwheel thing in the top right corner?

I have tried that but there seems no way of changing, altering or editing anything.

  belayer 11:27 25 Oct 2013

Google is not on my list of search providers in 'Manage Add-Ons'.

  Woolwell 11:50 25 Oct 2013

That may well be your problem. Scroll down on iegallery and add Search with Google UK. You will then have to make it your default search engine.

  belayer 18:55 26 Oct 2013

I know you must think I am stupid, but what is IEGallery?

  Woolwell 19:59 26 Oct 2013

Sorry it is not obvious but the iegallery in my post is a link to it. The gallery contains add-ons including the search engines.

  rdave13 20:02 26 Oct 2013

Click on Woolwell 's link (in red). Otherwise in Internet Explorer click on tools, manage add-ons, click on search providers and remove, click on the 'find more search providers....' link in blue at the bottom and look for Google uk.

Aldo in tools, internet options,under the general tab make your home page.

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