Windows 8 - Forgotten Password

  Angry Kid 12:32 24 Oct 2013

Afternoon, I have a friend that has forgotten his main Windows log in password to his pc and was wondering if there is a way around this other than a complete reinstall of the operating system.

Your help as always is much appreciated.

Angry ;-))

  rdave13 14:23 24 Oct 2013

Makes you wonder why bother with passwords in the first place. This is for local account only. At the log in screen press and hold shift while you click on the power icon and select restart to get to the Advanced Startup Options screen then follow the instructions here.

  karencreek 02:08 12 Nov 2013

To get around Windows 8 password, you need to create a PCUnlocker Live CD using another computer that you have full access to. Next, boot your Windows 8 computer from the PCUnlocker Live CD and it allows you to remove the existing and forgotten login password.

If there is no important files on your computer, you can also choose to restore your computer to factory settings by following the trick described by rdave13.

  chub_tor 11:47 13 Nov 2013

Jock1e It may or may not be spam but just this last weekend I had a similar problem when a relation of mine needed to get back into a Vista laptop which she had not used since 2010 and had forgotten her log on password. We tried every known combination of the Hint that Vista gives before resorting to Google to find a way to discover the password. We did not use the programme suggested by karencreek but I was astounded to find a different free programme that enabled me to find the password we needed and it was very easy to use.

It makes me wonder if using a Windows log on password has any benefit at all because if the laptop was to fall into nefarious hands they would have no trouble at all in cracking the password.

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