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  pk46 21:27 26 Oct 2012

After giving Windows 8 an 9 hour run i must say at least for me i was more than glad to get back to W7. There was to many apps internet Explorer was a pain to use as was loading files from my back up HD and as for having to keep clicking the right corners of the screen to get to settings and powerdown is also a pain. I just can not see it ever catching on in work places. Tis kind of OS may be good on Windows tablets or smart phones but it is not an OS for desk tops or laptops,W8 is on QVC to night so it will be interesting to see HOW THEY JAZZ UP THIS W8 OS UP.

  Forum Editor 16:03 27 Oct 2012

It's early days, and the Windows 8 is different to what you've been used to - give it some time.

  Flak999 22:59 27 Oct 2012


Otherwise it is a great improvement over Vista.

But what about Windows 7? Is it a great improvement over that? Is there any killer feature that would make me as a desktop PC user want to switch to 8?

  pk46 00:20 28 Oct 2012

rdave13 Did you have a problem also with Flash Player??,I see today that there is a update but not on the Adobe website.

  Forum Editor 08:53 28 Oct 2012


"give it some time." is that the modern code for "aquired taste"?

Not really.

Every time there's a launch of a new Windows version we get some people in the forum the next day saying 'I've tried it and I don't like it, I'm going back to (whatever their previous installation was)'. Later on things tend to settle, and some of those people find that they revert to the new version and give it a longer try out.

Windows 8 may be a success, or it may not - it's far too early to tell - but a nine hour run is hardly long enough to accustom yourself to a new operating system.

  Quickbeam 10:13 28 Oct 2012

Because none of my hardware is suitable for an easy W8 upgrade, I've only had a play with W8 in PC World.

Apart from the different start screen, it's not so different really, and certainly not scarey.

I'll wait until the 6 month price drop comes along and buy a W8 tablet with about a 12" screen. I'll also wait until whatever I buy came from the factory with W8 installed and built with W8 in mind. I've made the mistake before by buying a reduced price old stock computer with an old OS installed with an upgrade voucher and found problems (It was Vista, say no more). I want it on W8 out of the box up and running, and built primarily for W8 and upgradable to W9 and beyond!

  pk46 14:37 28 Oct 2012

After a number of hours using windows 8 i find this OS is a touch sreen os not for desktops and may be laptops it would serve no purpose in a busines it's clunkey i think via keyboard use. I am getting on in years and like every things in front of me not clicking to the top right or bottom right of the screen ect,i don't like the way it shows my photographs as in all past windows you click on the photo you want to see and it's there when i click on the the photo i want to look at in windows 8 it's not there you get a line of photos you don't want to see but perhaps it's me doing somthing wrong ?. Flash player is now working!!

  pk46 08:20 29 Oct 2012

Yet another gripe with W8 if you don't have a Microsoft account a number of APPS don't work and two of my email accounts won't work keep telling me they are in use on a Microsoft account that's news to me it's a couple of years since i held a microsoft account..

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