Windows 8 Features update

  muddypaws 14:48 25 Mar 2013

My neighbour's W.8 laptop has stuck at 15% on the above auto update for about 45 mins.

Is there a problem with this update?

Not being familiar with 8 is it safe to change screens and run it in the background?


  muddypaws 07:47 26 Mar 2013



I had searched and found several entries re problems. Mainly audio and video drivers, but I wasn't prepared to

attempt those solutions.

However it completed after an hour and a half and then I discovered it had changed a lot of things.

IE was no longer on its tile nor desktop. I.m pretty sure we were on MSN browser, but I had put 7 or 8 favourites on to

make things a bit simple for him ( his first computer/desktop).

It seems to be displaying in full screen as there are no options at the top, but I see now that W+Z

may be the answer.

Will see him this evening.

I only went to import some photos from his camera and a CD and to put them in folders which went OK.

Hope I never get W8.

I might bring his laptop back and work on it in peace!!

  muddypaws 09:58 26 Mar 2013



Another thing I noticed ( for rdave13 if he sees this) is that when moving his photos from Documents, which is where they

initially went, to Photo Gallery I copied and pasted as in XP which worked, but then saw ther were copies of them all In


Oh well!!

Am out all day, back this evening.

  muddypaws 10:00 26 Mar 2013

Seem to have lost the ability to space the lines out on here now!

  rdave13 10:32 26 Mar 2013

I think the update culprit could have been the 'BROWSER CHOICE' one. This hides IE from the taskbar and start menu. To get IE back, pointer to right corner, search (under apps) and type internet explorer. Right click it and select 'pin to start'. Repeat and select 'pin to taskbar'. The tile will return and you can open the desktop version via the taskbar icon. As for Photos Gallery it auto shows what's in the library I think. Folders listed on left pane. To add a new folder, file - include folder - add - then left pane to navigate.

  muddypaws 18:35 26 Mar 2013


Thanks for that. Will check it out on his laptop in the morning.

Also when we are on his BT Yahoo mail page, can that be added somewhere

visible ie task bar as opposed to in IE favourites as it has gone from the email


  muddypaws 19:25 26 Mar 2013


We have IE back and his Yahoo mail. Thanks.

Beeing a bit thick with W8 I didn't realise the favourites came up as thumbnails along the bottom of the screen.

They do on his version now anyway. Prior to the update there was a favs star top right of the web


No doubt I will be back here again despite having 'An Idiots Guide to Windows 8' paper back.

  rdave13 23:07 26 Mar 2013

On the tile IE, right clicking is like showing tabs. Hitting the '+' sign opens a new tab and shows frequent and favourites. I must admit that I use the desktop IE more than the tile version. Similarly if you right click in the tile IE and just click on the bottom addy bar that will also bring up the frequent and favourites.

As for the favourites 'star', that should be on the desktop version of IE. Desktop tile - taskbar - IE icon.

  muddypaws 18:57 28 Mar 2013


Apologies for late reply.

All is sorted I have made it simple for him ( and me).

Been working on the d/top screen and dragged/dropped a dozen of the web sites of his choice on

to it plus a few other adjustments.

I must say that to enter into the computer world ( as he has) with W8 is extremely confusing.

Then again I expect XP was the same with me 10 years ago!

Have given him a few hours practice and he thinks I am a genius!!!

Must say most of it is down to these forums over the years.

Will resolve with many thanks.

  Woolwell 22:38 28 Mar 2013

I really don't like the internet tile app and usually use the desktop IE.

  muddypaws 12:25 29 Mar 2013


I agree. That's why I have set everything up on his desktop, so the screen is not too different to (from?) XP.

One last thing is that there is is no menu bar along the top of the browser ( Bing ); File/Edit etc.

Can you add it by r/clicking on the top bar ?

Will check when I go over next.

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