Windows 8 - Excel 2003 files won't open

  Pete G 15:24 06 Jan 2013

I recently installed a Windows 8 upgrade onto a Vista based laptop.

I re-installed my Microsoft Office 2007 and activated it on line successfully.

I can work in new 2007 Excel files but I cannot open any Excel 2003 files - I just get a message that refers to the file name and says "cannot be accessed.The file may be corrupted, located on a server that is not responding, or read only".

There is nothing wrong with the excel 2003 files as they open OK on another vista based computer.

Any ideas on how to cure this and let me open old Excel files on Windows 8 ?

Best Regards

Pete G

  Pete G 16:23 06 Jan 2013

It's OK - I've managed to fix the problem and I can open the older excel files now.

Best Regards

Pete G

  TonyN2013 15:58 30 Mar 2013

Could you please tell us what you did to fix this problem?

I just got a Windows 8 machine and am having a similar problem. I have Office 2010 installed on the machine, and I can open Excel files fine, but when my wife tries to open them under her log in, the computer reads it like an image file and tries to launch Adobe Reader, which can't open it.

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