Windows 8 downgrade to 7? Possible?

  Electronic_Eric 16:01 15 Jan 2013


I'm planning on purchasing a new machine within the next month or so. Windows 8 looks great and i've had a good play on it, as a couple of friends have it BUT i just love Windows 7 too much. I think that by far it's the best operating system out there regardless of platform.

So i'm curious, will a new machine (laptop) be backwards compatible? You know like the Vista/XP saga back in the day.

Any advice is much appreciated.

  chub_tor 16:40 15 Jan 2013

Yes you can downgrade from Win8 to Win7, just Google it and you will find all manner of ways of doing it BUT it is a downgrade and my own feeling is that you will lose out if you do so. Windows 8 boots up really fast and many of its features are really attractive.

The one feature that I liked about Win7 was having the start button, the list of All Programmes, easy access to the Run Command, the Control Panel and the taskbar that we have taken for granted for so many years and I found that I could have that (and boot into the Desktop if I wanted to) by buying Start8 from Stardock You can try it for free and then buy it later if it suits you. In US Dollars it is $4.99 but I am not sure how much it is in UK Sterling - perhaps as you get to the Checkout it will tell you that, my guess is around £3.50.

I find that I now have the best of both worlds, a fast boot up (into the tiled screen of my choosing as I quite like that) and then when showing the Desktop I have the Start Button and the old Win 7 look.

  Electronic_Eric 21:44 15 Jan 2013

You say that i would lose out if downgrading to Win7. I assume you mean by a loss of features? The question is, what features on Win7 would i lose i stayed with Win8?

  chub_tor 16:04 16 Jan 2013

Electronic_Eric sorry for the delay. As I said in my earlier post for me the change to Win 8 has had two major advantages.

  1. A much faster boot up, under 20 seconds from pushing the button to having a working screen.

  2. The tiled screen that was designed for touch screens works well with mouse and keyboard also. You can have many of the tiles live, and if you do so with the email tile will show you just what has come in and which account it is linked to. I have a Microsoft mouse with a tilt wheel and with that I can whizz to any tile that I want, click on it and open it up.

I too was dubious about upgrading but having done so and with the comfort of Start8 functions if I need them I feel very comfortable about making the change.

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