Windows 8 and Dell Printer

  belayer 19:54 23 Jul 2013

I have just bought a HP Pavilion PC which unfortunately comes with the dreadful Windows 8! I am having no success getting it to recognise that my Dell 3115cn colour laser Printer is attached to it, even though it 'pings' when the printer is switched on/off.

This means the drivers won't install.

Any helpful suggestions?

I have tried downloading some drivers from Dell website, but heaven only knows if they are the right ones or not, and the site gives no help at all in how to install them.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:04 26 Jul 2013

"Got it sorted! Bought th windows 8 Pro upgrade and installed."*

That was a tad drastic and unnecessary considering I was about to tell you how to install the drivers you downloaded ;)

Dave, I know you expressed an interest in what to do with that driver package so here are a few tips. Hopefully they'll help in the future:

1) The folder that contains the .INF files tells the system how to install the drivers.

2) In the case of those Dell drivers you'll need to unzip the parent folder and subfolders. The scanner is obviously easy to install as it has an executable setup file in the "Scan" folder.

3) Because the OP said the PC "pings" when the printer is switched on, there should be a printer icon for it in Devices & Printers (although it's probably in an error state complaining that drivers haven't been installed).

If there is an icon then right-click -> Printer Properties -> "Advanced" tab -> "New Driver" button -> "Have Disk" button -> "Browse" button and navigate to the appropriate folder which in the OP's case would have been:


The "English" folder contains two INF files - it doesn't appear to matter which one is selected. After selecting it, you get this window, you select the printer, and that should be it.

4) Once the printer is installed you can delete all the downloaded folders as they're no longer required.

5) The tips above also work in Device Manager when you need to update a driver using a folder of files that contain a .INF file.

  rdave13 18:36 26 Jul 2013

Many thanks squirrel. It was the other two folders (other than scanner) that I wasn't sure of. Trouble is if the printer didn't show in Devices & printers then it wouldn't have shown in device manager. Your explanation, however, is noted and thanks for that and your help. Much appreciated. Maybe a factory reset would have been cheaper for belayer in the end if the OS was corrupted.

Still - all's well that ends well.. as they say.

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