Windows 8 Crashing & unistalling programs

  kenlen 12:01 08 Nov 2012

I recently installed Windows 8 Pro upgrade from 7. Yesterday it got as far as the sign-in screen and then everything went blank. The monitor was receiving a signal but showing nothing. After a while the mouse cursor appeared & I could move it around, but that was all. Nothing else happened so after 30 minutes or so I rebooted with the same result.I tried to do a 'safe mode' re-boot, but it refused to do so. After several tries I inserted the Windows 8 disc. A screen appears asking me if I wanted to repair my computer, so I ok'ed it. After a while a loading whirl appeared with a % counter. When this finally got to 100% after 30 mins or so it re-booted. It then appeared with the screens from initial install. When these had finished I was able to get onto the desktop only to find that it had wiped off all my programs!! There was a IE icon entitled 'Removed Applications' which, when opened list all the programs removed with highlighted ones which directed me to the relevant web-site. Any ideas why this happened? Is it a feature of Windows 8? Have they removed the 'safe mode' via f8 also?

  kenlen 00:07 10 Nov 2012

Tried that, doesn't work. Looked at various blogs on subject all state this is a serious fault with Windows8. Had to trash hard drive & start again! then 7 new updates appeared, hope they solved the fault.

  wizzboy 09:17 11 Nov 2012

i feel sorry for all you folks that have put on window 8, its just has bad has vista my window 8 R.I.P

  pk46 14:57 11 Nov 2012

Everthing about W8 is wrong,if you refuse to sign up to Microsoft Account then a number of APPS won't work,yes you can use local that's up to you but you still wont be able to use some APPS. It is wrong to make you use there products and to have an OS that in my view is NOT MADE FOR DESKTOPS no matter how Microsft try to dress it up it's cluncky.

  thutu1 06:08 14 Nov 2012

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