windows 8 burning os disc

  jerica 12:42 25 Oct 2013

Hi, really stupid question, bought a laptop with 8 pre installed (don't like it but it works), I've now updated it to 8.1 and all is fine but during the first attempt to install the update it asked for the product code and as the OS came pre installed there was no disc to look at so went to currys for info and the chap said he could only help if we paid him £30. During the chat I asked him how to re install win 8 if neccesary and he muttered something about burning a disc from the laptop. No idea what he is talking about, but I'm assuming there is a file on the laptop with the OS on that I should copy to disc. Sorry for the rambleing, basically where do I find the file, thanks.

  aquatarkus 21:40 25 Oct 2013

You don't say what make or model of laptop you have but think you will find that the key is integrated into the bios. You might find the Certificate of authenticity (CoA)underneath the battery.

If upgrading from Win8 to Win 8.1 you shouldn't be asked for your windows Key.

Most new laptops have a program that lets you make a master copy of the software installed on your laptop, I know with Toshiba and HP laptops they nag you if you don't make these disks.

Have a look here for how to make a master restore disk 1=Performance">click here Maintenance

and here 1=Performance">click here Maintenance

Regards Aquatarkus

  rdave13 00:21 26 Oct 2013

New Windows laptops, first thing is to find the backup manager and create a factory reset medium. Nowadays it's for a USB flash drive but you might get the option to burn to multiple DVDs. Hopefully after updating to 8.1 you will still have the option to create a physical backup to factory settings. Should be in Start page, click on down arrow (8.1), look for your Manufacturer's backup manager or something similar.

You will not get a key for your OEM 8 printed on a sticker in any Win 8 machine.

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