windows 8 (32-bit) hdd requirements, if inc all updates?

  theDarkness 21:52 10 Feb 2013

I would like to find out how much space Windows 8 32-bit requires, if taking into account all important ms updates and service packs to date, rather than just the minimum usually stated on the microsoft website? They say it requires the same space as vista and 7 (16-20GB depending on version). In reality vista and 7 32bit can take up 30GB with all updates, so I imagine 8 is pretty much the same, around 30GB? Vista was considered as bloatware by some reviewers, so I wonder how much has changed. Not that 30GB is a great deal of space if taking into account a modern hdd, but if someone is limited and is considering 8, it might be to them. Thanks.

  rdave13 22:44 10 Feb 2013

I'm using 25GB with security and other essential programs (burning, video playing, movie making and so on) that need to be on the SSD. However as it is an SSD, system restore, hibernate, defrag, indexing, timestamp, prefetch, event logging and name creation have been disabled.

  rdave13 22:48 10 Feb 2013

Oh, and virtual memory dropped to 1 GB on an 8 gig ram system.

  rdave13 23:07 10 Feb 2013

Sorry, that should be I have 25 gig left of a 65 gig ssd.

  xox101 13:19 11 Feb 2013

Got a 120 gig SSD with two partitions running 8 and Ubuntu. The Windows partition is 64 gig with around 35 free.

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