Windows 7/Outlook 2010 - Intermittent problem sending GMail emails

  plusman 14:09 02 Apr 2013

As I have a couple of Gmail accounts, I use Outlook 2010 (running under Windows 7) to consolidate them together and use it for reading, sending and archiving all my emails.

Until recently I have been able to manage my emails without problem, but within the past few weeks I have run into problems sending emails using Outlook for my Gmail accounts. Messages are stored in my Outbook but will not send. This does not happen all of the time, only intermittently, and even if I press the send/receive button, or reboot Outlook 2010, the messages remain in the outbox.

The only way I have managed to send them is to reboot my PC and then restart Outlook - then the messages send automatically as they normally should do and the outbox is cleared. However after a while, and not on every Outlook session, the messages do not send from Outlook unless I reboot my PC again.

I have checked my email settings and as far as I can tell they are OK (as they normally work): Incoming mail server: and port 995 Outgoing mail server: and port 465 and outgoing server set to require authentication.

I get no error messages - the emails just remain in the outbox until I reboot the PC.

Can anybody advise how I can resolve this issue? Many thanks for your help.

  jaywoo 15:21 02 Apr 2013

Does your antivirus software scan emails? If so try disabling that part of the software.

  plusman 15:44 02 Apr 2013

Many thanks for the suggestion. I use Avast, so I'll stop the outgoing mail scanner and see if that works.

  plusman 09:18 04 Apr 2013

Unfortunately deselecting the outgoing mail scan in my antivirus (Avast) had no effect. A few emails will be sent, and then they are just held in the Outbox until I reboot my PC.

  jaywoo 15:14 05 Apr 2013

You can try Outlook with no add-ons - hold down CTRL then click the Outlook icon.

Check for damage in your profile, create a new profile to test if your current one is the cause - some info here; Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook issues like freezing, corrupt PST, Profile, Add-in, etc -

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