window's 7 wont open my memory stick

  snackajack 23:14 11 Oct 2011

downloaded my pic's to a memory stick.... brings everything thing up but cant find a programe to open the files on it..... help

  gengiscant 09:13 12 Oct 2011

Sorry your post is obscure to say the least. Are you saying that after downloading your pictures to a memory stick you now cannot open memory stick.

Did you copy the pictures from another PC?

What make/model of memory stick?

What do you mean by brings everything thing up?

Can the Widows 7 PC see the stick?

You do not need a program to open pictures if they are the normal jpg etc

  snackajack 10:50 12 Oct 2011

sorry.... the memory stick is a scandisk cruzer8gb SDCZ2362-008G B11105WSKB i copied my pic's onto the memory stick from an older laptop.... i have a new laptop now.... it recognises the stick and all the file's appear... but when i go into the vault to open says you need a programe to open it, a box appears but when i click onto each one it says it cant open from there...

  gengiscant 11:44 12 Oct 2011

What do you mean by but when i go into the vault to open says you need a program to open it

Is this yours? Scandisk

  snackajack 22:36 13 Oct 2011

all my pic's are stored in a vault, when i click on the vault it brings up the list of pic's... but when i click on one of them.... i get a box come up saying it needs a programe to open it.... then another box comes up with a list of programes from the laptop... but clicking on each one it says that that programe wont open it.... and yes its mine

  lotvic 23:14 13 Oct 2011

why do you call it a vault I have never heard of that on Windows 7.

Is the vault a type of folder/location from a program from your old laptop and you don't have that same program installed on your new laptop?

  BRYNIT 09:22 14 Oct 2011

From a quick search a vault is where you keep encrypted file on your flash drive or in the case of Sony it's a microvault which compresses the files never used them myself.

Did you use a program that you downloaded or came with the drive to create the Vault on the flash drive?

  lotvic 12:00 14 Oct 2011

I wonder why you would need to encrypt your ordinary pic files. Is there a reason? (if that's what you've done). As BRYNIT says, what program?

  Grey Goo 11:16 22 Oct 2011

I'm guessing that your old machine may have had some pre installed software that stored your pics. Your new machine has not got this software. If you still have the old machine you could try and remove the pics from the evil clutches of this software and convert to standard jpeg or whatever, then you should be able to view them on your new machine. Or you could identify the software on the old machine and install it on the new one, if it is available to you.

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