Windows 7 woes

  kimtrnc 09:08 03 Mar 2010

I am not a Luddite - although I do sometimes regret that I skipped Vista and went straight to 7.

Things I hate:
Libraries ( I want to see EXACTLY where I am putting things so I can find them again...7 doesn't want me to do that.) Can I disable or remove them?

Ease of Access - don't need it at all. Have used easeofaccess removal tool, but it still keeps coming back.

Bloat - millions of seemingly unneeded files taking up enormous amounts of disk space.

Refusal to run a VPN which I have used for ages, because I can't copy the required user.txt into the required folder.

Etc Etc. Until 7, I really thought I was quite good with computers, having experience going back to Vic 20, DOS and Gem.

I could go on.. Is it just ME, or are others having similar problems?

  sunnystaines 09:48 03 Mar 2010

I found w7 takes a little getting used to like vista did but after a while it seems to grow onyou. At first I did not like libraries but now converted and prefer them that way.

We also have a XP laptop and i much prefer w7 to XP. [not a gamer so i cant comment on games]

  I am Spartacus 11:36 03 Mar 2010

Although you can apparently delete them the standard ones reappear on next boot. What you can do is rename them and add new ones. I wasn't keen on this feature at first but after playing around and tweaking I've got used to them. I don't like the limit of 50 folders in each Library though.

I still prefer the layout of File Manager from Windows 3.11:o)

  john bunyan 17:23 03 Mar 2010

I have a C: partition (100 Gig) for system and a (in my case) F: Partition for Data. On here I imported my old XP "My Documents" Folder as it was and still use it. The libraries I just use as an index and tell them to look in my F: Partition, whwer I still have the usual "My Music" etc.It is abit like iTunes where the Library does not actually hold any files.

  robin_x 23:55 05 Mar 2010

I like W7 very much. Never used Vista.

Didnt like W7 Explorer, so downloaded this when I first got my new laptop.

In fact I dont use it much now. Comes in useful every now and again.

I miss the 'Up' a directory button.

I dont use the libraries.

click here

  morddwyd 08:55 06 Mar 2010

Never used libraries, never even noticed Ease of Access.

My Explorer, like my desktop, has been set up, as usual, to show the classic layout, which I have got used to since Win days.

Never used Vista - had it pre-installed on a laptop I bought, but luckily the RC came out a few days later.

  rawprawn 17:41 08 Mar 2010

If you did a complete install on top of XP, are these "Millions of files" you mention named Windows Old. If so if you no longer need them you can delete them

  kimtrnc 04:44 10 Mar 2010

rawprawn, I would happily delete windows old, but it won't allow me. I am an administrator, but it still refuses to delete, I'm afraid.

  rawprawn 08:19 10 Mar 2010
  Sbrads 18:04 14 Mar 2010

You can get the up arrow back in Win7 Explorer by installing Classic Shell click here
although make sure you read the readme as you have to do something in Internet Explorer for it to 'take' in Windows Explorer.

Libraries - referencing another drive's folder seems to massively increase the size of Win7 C: backups, which I find daft. That's the main reason I stopped using Libraries.

  john bunyan 18:16 14 Mar 2010

Re Libraries :I find ATI and FreeFileSynch quicker and better than the W7 back up, which I leave switched off - I have a 100 gig partition for system and a 200 for data.

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