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Windows 7 welcome screen does not appear

  KeithMH 17:58 29 Feb 2016

Since moving from my old desktop to a new (to me) laptop, running Windows 7, using Windows Easy (!) Transfer, at startup I immediately see a message telling me that the user name or password is incorrect.

I press 'OK'and am then invited to enter a password for 'User' or switch user, which takes me to a choice of 'User' or 'Other User'. 'Other User' takes me to an opportunity to enter a user name and password and that gets me into my profile (hooray!).

I'm used to getting a list of users at startup. Can anyone help me get back to that?

'User' is not the name of an account on the machine.

  robin_x 18:35 29 Feb 2016

See what Start / Search netplwiz offers (right click and Run as Admin)

Try enabling the Administrator Account so you definitely have a choice of accounts.

If you see a useless account User, and nothing in it, delete it.

I have no idea what Easy Transfer might have done.

  Shoody59 09:34 01 Mar 2016

try reset the computer again.

  KeithMH 10:15 01 Mar 2016

netplwiz gives me a list of three users, all of which are as expected (me, my partner and Guest), but doesn't allow me to do anything with it! It also includes HomeGroupUser$, which means nothing to me. (I tried to include a screenshot, but it doesn't seem possible.)

  chub_tor 10:26 01 Mar 2016

This certainly seems to be a problem that has affected a number of people who have used the Windows Easy Transfer and Google searches seem to be of little help. Only one of the questions has been marked as answered on this Forum and it seems to be to enter the username as OldComputer\username. Now it doesn't say if you actually type username or you put in your original username but it is probably worth trying both.

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