windows 7 validation failure

  Jomi 17:48 29 Feb 2012


I have a genuine copy of windows 7 and the validation tool has ran on several occasions without a problem. I purchased it from PC World prior to when windows 7 was first released so that I received my copy asap. I'm now getting a pop up window which says my copy isn't genuine even though I know it is, can this be resolved without a reinstall?

  difarn 19:37 29 Feb 2012

On a recent blog update kb971033 was causing such a problem.

Are you getting this message....

"Windows 7 Build 7100 This copy of Windows is not genuine" ?

Apparently build 7100 = Windows 7 RC, which is a Pre-release version which has already expired.

  Jomi 20:20 29 Feb 2012

Thank you Difarn,

Shortly after I posted I got a bsod and had to reboot, the message hasn't come up since then so I can't check the exact wording. kb971033 is on my pc but has been there since 19 May 2010, would that cause problems now after 1 year and 10 months?

I did use the pre-release version but this one was purchased from Pc world in the funny curved case with the hologram on the disc.

  difarn 20:49 29 Feb 2012

The update may be causing a problem but I would leave that for the time being.

If you do a bit of research you will see that there are many people with the same problem who are getting messages that their version expires on a certain date - this version was using a "sp1 release candidate " which has to be uninstalled and an up to date one installed - it says that you do not have to reinstall the OS.According to messages received if that version isn't removed by the time given then this will cause the system to fail. This is one such article from Microsoft explaining what to do.

You could make contact with them if you are unsure. I must admit I have not come across this before.

  Jomi 20:51 29 Feb 2012

Well it just gets weirder,

The message flashed up again in a small pop up window, as I started to read it a full page opened over the top with a message saying something like 'validation in progress' when it completed, it says I have a genuine copy of windows 7 and Genuine Windows customers get a complimentary subscription to Microsoft Security Essentials, the award-winning, antivirus software that helps you protect your PC.

The mind boggles!

  difarn 22:33 29 Feb 2012

How very bizarre. See how it goes and if you get another BSOD I would be tempted to ring Microsoft - they are usually quite helpful.

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