Windows 7: User Accounts Profile missing

  friendz01 07:17 11 Feb 2012

On Windows 7 that I am having here I have number of users using it and they have their account as well on it. Well that is not the issue there. Now I have seen that when the user tries to login to the account he can see a message saying that the user profile is not loaded correct manner. After that it just gets the user logged in an account. After seeing the login I have seen that Windows make the loggin for that user in with a temporary profile. Please let me know if there is anything with which you all can help me. I will be really glad to have any help in my case above.

  johnpowelpedro 07:25 11 Feb 2012

Well let me tell you that you will be able to get the user back but for that you will be required to see for changes in the Registry and then for sure you will be able to have the user profile working in your case and that too without any issues there. You will be required to login as ADMINISTRATOR and then you will be required to make the necessary amendments in the ProfileList. Open up the RUN Window by clicking the Start icon and then clicking on the Run option there. For detail solution about this problem check this link

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