Windows 7 Upgrade - licence

  xania 08:52 28 Sep 2011

I am about to upgrade my PC to Windows 7 but, as a temporary measure while completing the migration, will be running a dual boot system with my existing Windows XP Pro system. I planned to take advantage of the family upgrade offer for 3 of my 4 PC's but, does anyone know where I can find out if the upgrade licence allows me to run both XP Pro and Windows 7 on the same PC?

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  xania 11:04 28 Sep 2011

No - you set up a new partition and install Windows 7 in this - then you work with both until ready to delete XP Pro.

  xania 11:05 28 Sep 2011
  xania 14:17 28 Sep 2011

The problem is that the Windows 7 licence incorporated the XP licence so you cannot run each on a separate PC (or sell off the XP licence). However, I need to be sure that running both on the SAME PC does not infringe the mutual licence.

  BRYNIT 09:40 29 Sep 2011

For the past year I have had my original Vista and win7 upgrade on separate partition with had no problems.

Your Win XP and Win 7 upgrade will be tied to your computer. As you have paid for both and each will have its own activation number I have found nothing to say you cannot use both.

If you think about it you will only be using one at a time. Nothing can stop you from uninstalling win7 to go back to XP or vice versa. Having them on separate partitions/drive saves time.

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