Windows 7 Upgrade

  bht-at-home 15:56 23 May 2009


I am about to purchase a new PC, but I am not sure whether it is worth waiting until Windows 7 is released.

The alternative is to purchase now, with Vista, and purchase Windows 7 Upgrade, when it is released.

I would be grateful for advice concerning the likely complexity of installing the upgrade:

Is this straightforward;

What is involved;

Is it likely that I will need new drivers.

Will it be as simple as installing a large Service Pack

  Forum Editor 18:30 23 May 2009

When Windows 7 comes along you can decide whether or not you wish to upgrade. Microsoft product launches are often later than expected for one reason or another.

The upgrade process will be fairly straightforward, so don't have any worries on that score. You may need a driver for something, but Windows 7 will have a comprehensive driver database, and it will look for any drivers it needs when it connects to the internet for the first time.

  bht-at-home 18:36 23 May 2009

Most grateful for this re-assurance

  tigertop2 17:23 24 May 2009

I agree with FE's advice but as a user of XP, Vista and 7 I can promise you that you will enjoy the update to 7 when you decide to do it. Much superior to the other two in making sure you are OK with add on equipment like printers and cameras etc as it finds all the drivers for you. I love it!

  kcstar98 22:51 22 Jun 2009


Some rumour say that 'all PCs bought with Windows Vista license on or after July 1, 2009 to Jan 1, 2010 will qualify for a free ungrade to Windows 7'. Although Microsoft is not confirming nor denying any of this information, it seems good to wait for a little bit longer if you are looking for a new replacement.

Could some one confirm this or give update new about it?


  bounce44 21:30 24 Jun 2009

KCSTAR98 i can confirm by a online Desktop seller that Windows 7 is due to go live around Friday and any pc's bought after that date will come with a free upgrade. So hold out for a few days buying till W7 gos live. Then make sure the company you buy a PC with offer a free upgrade, if they don't go elsewhere.

  Forum Editor 23:48 24 Jun 2009

"Windows 7 is due to go live around Friday"

I don't know who told you that, but it's incorrect.

The RTM (Release To Manufacturing) date will probably be at the end of July, and Windows 7 will officially launch on October 22nd this year.

As for free upgrades from Windows Vista it's also incorrect to state that all new PCs sold after Friday will come with one. There obviously will be some form of free upgrade scheme, but no official announcement has yet been made. Telling people to 'go elsewhere' if a supplier doesn't offer a free upgrade after Friday is unhelpful.

  bounce44 02:38 25 Jun 2009

No it won't be the end of July, it is expected to go live Friday. Doesn't mean it will. But most placers will start offering a free upgrade from friday onwards.

One gaming site already has the offer up!!

No one is talking about launch date or whatever, im saying companys are and will be offering W7 upgrade next few days.

Thats a fact and if you aint being offered it, shop elsewhere.

  bounce44 02:39 25 Jun 2009

I also never stated ALL will offer it, which is wy i said go elsehwere if you aint being offered it.

Call it a scheme call it what you want, but makes sense to take this offer up.

  a member 15:51 25 Jun 2009

the most relyable online sources have RTM Date as 19th-25th July .
nobody (definately) will recieve windows 7 in upgrade form or any other until official release , touted as being October 22nd ,maybe a little sooner , but not much .
the only thing that will happen from this Friday is that dealers will be allowed to take pre-orders for Win 7 and offer free upgrades with select (some) PCs.
anyone (and there will be a few) who gets any full version of Windows 7 before launch date of October (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) will have a non official (probably pirated copy)

  Forum Editor 18:19 25 Jun 2009

You clearly stated in your earlier post:-

" i can confirm by a online Desktop seller that Windows 7 is due to go live around Friday "

Which is absolute nonsense. The official release date is as I said - October 22nd, and the RTM date is around the end of July. That doesn't mean that computer sellers will get the final version then, it means that the code will be released to manufacturing - the companies who make the DVDs and packaging etc.

Retailers can make upgrade offers if they like - it's entirely up to them - but Windows 7 quite definitely does not 'go live' on Friday.

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