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Windows 7 Update Problems.... Help PLEASE......

  chris301up 13:32 12 Apr 2016

For the past couple of weeks I have been having problems with my laptop, which I initially thought was a virus, and after reinstalling Windows 7 on many, many occasions, it just will not update.

I have read, and tried many of the suggested solutions from many various websites, but it just won't work.

As a last resort I reformatted all partitions, except the recovery partition of course, re-installed everything, but still the same. Just has a matter of interest I tried my desktop machine and Wife's laptop, all running Windows 7, but guess what? Exactly the same problem!!

I will say, last week I upgraded to Windows 10, which seemed to update properly, but most of my programs are incompatible and simply don't work so have had to revert back to Win 7. IF IT WILL ONLY WORK!!

Because this problem exists on several machines I can only assume the problem is with Microsoft update itself?

Has anyone managed to find an answer to this situation before I put my machines in the skip?

  OCTCORE 10:50 25 Apr 2016

There seems to be lots of problems with this, I have now given up and I can only presume some restore partitions take win 7 back to far and they become un-updatable (sounds like a load of cobblers - yea me too) I have have had this now on 2 netbooks and have done everything, deleting selected items in Software Distribution (and deleting all of it and watch rebuild itself). sfc scan now and all the antivirus checks, even updated 'windows update', if I look in the windows update log you can see it finding what it needs but won't download it or install it. I have other machines that all work fine. I'm saying all this in case someone found a fix before I do a fresh install.

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