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Windows 7 Update Problems.... Help PLEASE......

  chris301up 13:32 12 Apr 2016

For the past couple of weeks I have been having problems with my laptop, which I initially thought was a virus, and after reinstalling Windows 7 on many, many occasions, it just will not update.

I have read, and tried many of the suggested solutions from many various websites, but it just won't work.

As a last resort I reformatted all partitions, except the recovery partition of course, re-installed everything, but still the same. Just has a matter of interest I tried my desktop machine and Wife's laptop, all running Windows 7, but guess what? Exactly the same problem!!

I will say, last week I upgraded to Windows 10, which seemed to update properly, but most of my programs are incompatible and simply don't work so have had to revert back to Win 7. IF IT WILL ONLY WORK!!

Because this problem exists on several machines I can only assume the problem is with Microsoft update itself?

Has anyone managed to find an answer to this situation before I put my machines in the skip?

  xania 19:27 20 Apr 2016

Good to hear it sorted. Could you please now mark this as resolved.

  lotvic 19:27 20 Apr 2016

gremlins... can you re-post what you said?

  lotvic 19:33 20 Apr 2016

xania, is your post at 19:27 20 Apr 16 for the OP chris301up?

or have you been inadvertantly sidetracked by mart7?

  chris301up 19:51 20 Apr 2016

Who said it's sorted ????

Not me !!!!

  lotvic 20:18 20 Apr 2016

chris301up, Threads been side tracked a bit :)

Back to your problem. Can you give more details please of how it just will not update

Does it stick at the 'checking for updates' stage? and what settings have you got for the Updates? (in the Windows Update > Choose how Windows can install Updates)

  martd7 20:35 20 Apr 2016


Yes looks like xania thought I was the thread starter,apologies to Chris if I messed your thread up

  chris301up 07:27 21 Apr 2016

Right. Here is a repeat of my post from yesterday - wherever it has gone?

I have just picked up your messages. I spent many, many hours installing and reinstalling, using the Samsung 5 Recovery Solution 5, and even tried a'clean install' but without any success whatsoever. I tried all different settings in Control Panel but the update process remained on 0% for hour upon hour without downloading anything. I tried every suggested solution recommended on various websites, and even the Microsoft fixes, but still no joy !!

In my opinion, apart from Ubuntu, Windows XP is, by far, the best operating system for me as many of my programs and electronic devices work perfectly with this. However, with the discontinuation of support for Win XP, I had no choice but to use the only other almost fully compatible OS - Win 7, but even that is now of no use whatsoever!! I downloaded and tried Win 10, and although that updated and worked as it should, it just wasn't compatible with my programs, so had to uninstall this!!

As I just couldn't get Win 7 to work properly I decided to give up and put the laptop away for about a week. However, when I turned it back on 'bingo' it worked. WHY? WHY? WHY? It has now fully updated. WHY? WHY? WHY?

However, I believe it now has a virus infection, and although I have disinfected the laptop with anti-virus software, the OS and all software really needs to be reinstalled again, but I'm afraid I will have the same issue again??

Microsoft MUST be fully aware of this problem and have the answer. "Who fully understands the wonders of Microsoft?" I certainly don't - that's for sure !!

  martd7 17:10 21 Apr 2016


As in my own post and I aren't sure it helps but ive been stuck on updates "0%" downloading for some time,i ended up leaving the pc on and still after hours "0%" that quickly changed to 100% and installed,what I did notice was my harddrive was certainly running during this time so it looked as if it was downloading the updates but still showing 0% as if the progress wasn't been shown correctly,ive never encountered this problem until this month

  lotvic 18:02 21 Apr 2016

mart7, that's the same experience I've had - stuck at checking and then stuck at 0% for ages then all of a sudden they're there. I agree it looks as if the progress isn't shown correctly.

  JYPX 10:26 23 Apr 2016

Interesting! No developments chez JYPX .

I am dual booting W10 and W7 (2 Licences) on my backup/test machine. W7 is searching for updates and making no progress. I am allowing a couple of hours.

Am I going to leave it seeking updates overnight with the CPU load at 90%, the fan working overtime, and the Laptop getting hotter and hotter? Probably not!

Once again - I am set to request updates manually and I have GWX Control Panel set to prevent any W10 downloads. I have attempted every possible "fix" suggested on technology websites. I appreciate that the Windows 7 Update problem reported by many people is not always the same problem - some are seeing a selection of updates and are then seeing 0% download progress - but......there is now plenty of evidence of a "problem".

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