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Windows 7 Update Problems.... Help PLEASE......

  chris301up 13:32 12 Apr 2016

For the past couple of weeks I have been having problems with my laptop, which I initially thought was a virus, and after reinstalling Windows 7 on many, many occasions, it just will not update.

I have read, and tried many of the suggested solutions from many various websites, but it just won't work.

As a last resort I reformatted all partitions, except the recovery partition of course, re-installed everything, but still the same. Just has a matter of interest I tried my desktop machine and Wife's laptop, all running Windows 7, but guess what? Exactly the same problem!!

I will say, last week I upgraded to Windows 10, which seemed to update properly, but most of my programs are incompatible and simply don't work so have had to revert back to Win 7. IF IT WILL ONLY WORK!!

Because this problem exists on several machines I can only assume the problem is with Microsoft update itself?

Has anyone managed to find an answer to this situation before I put my machines in the skip?

  xania 14:56 19 Apr 2016

I have just updated all my office's machines running Windows 7 using Windows Update without any problems. I don't think your problem lies with Windows Update. However, the fact that this is happening on all your PC's is very strange and implies something is wrong at your end. Can you describe in more detail exactly what happens during your attempted updating (how long you allow things to run, any error messages you get).

Also, have you tried troubleshooting Windows Update? See link below.

click here

  Bazzaman 15:39 19 Apr 2016

You aren't the only one having this problem. See another PCAdvisor thread

Also many reports of similar issues elsewhere on Internet.

  hssutton 15:42 19 Apr 2016

Having just booted into Win 7 after numerous weeks using Win 10, win 7 downloaded 20 updates without any problem, so would agree with Xania.

  JYPX 17:56 19 Apr 2016

A thread which "compares notes" between users who are successfully getting W7 updates, and those who are not, is pointless......serves no purpose whatsoever......does not help the OP in any way.....unless we compare notes in the hope of identifying the problem.

I dont't use W7 very much now. I have logged in recently. The machine was last updated a few weeks ago - without difficulty. My request for new updates is just waiting. There is an unusual load on the CPU and the machine becomes unresponsive. It is not a question of slow downloads. The list of items to download never appears.

I am on the "Not Recommended" Windows Update option to manually request updates.

I have GWX Control Panel set to warn me of attempts to download W10.

  martd7 18:05 19 Apr 2016

Ive the same problem haven't been able to update window7 for a month,just sits forever on 0% downloaded,have tried downloading a single update and the pc is just stuck on "downloading 0%"

  xania 22:53 19 Apr 2016

On many occasions that long delay and 0% downloaded occurs then suddenly - its all done. Today one of my PC's took nearly 15 minutes to download 30 Mbs then - next time I looked - all done!!

Who fully understands to wonder of Microsoft?

  xania 22:53 19 Apr 2016

Who fully understands the wonders of Microsoft?

  martd7 15:37 20 Apr 2016

Thanks you were right Xania left it running whilst I was out,came back after 3hrs still "0% downloaded" made a cuppa and after 5 minutes its fully downloaded 331 mb and is installing,very strange indeed

  martd7 17:28 20 Apr 2016

And then ive inadvertently installed the Windows 10 file,uninstalled it hidden the update and installed "never 10" from here

click here

  chris301up 17:50 20 Apr 2016

What's happened to my post from earlier today??

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