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Windows 7 update not working (stuck downloading)

  Richard Harris 20:48 15 Jun 2016

Hi all

Since today, Windows update will not work. It gets stuck on 0% downloading. I've tried many solutions already, including: System restore, logging on as another user, using Microsoft's fixes from their website, halting update processes and deleting contents of the software distribution folder. Nothing has worked. It just sits there stuck on 0% for hours. Any ideas?

  pk46 21:28 15 Jun 2016

Windows 7 64bit has a problem with updates i suspect Microsoft has somthing todo with that,I installed W7 32BIT no problem with updates but of coarse 32Bit CAN ONLY SEE 4GB of Ram max.

  Pugson 13:55 16 Jun 2016

This appears to be a widespread problem. One can only speculate that Microsoft has deliberately engineered the situation but it is a remarkable coincidence that many Windows 7 systems are affected on and after June 2016 Patch Tuesday. My Windows 7 SP1 system last automatically updated on 11 June 2016 when a data update for Windows Defender took place. The last reported search for updates was at 8am on 13 June 2016. The May 2016 Patch Tuesday updates installed properly. Something is afoot.

I feel a scandal is about to erupt. Microsoft is incommunicado as ever and discloses no helpful information. With over 50% of Windows installations still Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, Microsoft is surely on perillous ground if it is monkeying around. PC Advisor must have contacts and ears which we ordinary individuals lack. Hundreds of millions of Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs will surely be becoming security hazards for their users before very long. If Microsoft is responsible for this appalling state of affairs, it should be called to account.

  Richard Harris 15:12 16 Jun 2016

Yes Pugson, I agree. There's definitely something fishy going on. I've never had this problem before... ever! It did eventually work but, mysteriously, the progress bar never left 0%. It went from 0 to complete with nothing in between. It does look like it was engineered to look like a problem. I had to leave it for over 2 hours stuck on 0% before anything happened. Of course, when I typed the problem into Google, it led to Microsoft pages covered in windows 10 upgrade propaganda. Microsoft have become nasty and I will be looking to move to Linux for my next OS, as soon as i can find alternatives to my windows only apps like Photoshop etc.

  Burn-it 16:09 16 Jun 2016

It does seem suspicious AGAIN. I deliberately did a check on Monday to see if there had been any out of schedule updates and both my 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7 machines picked up a pester type one fairly quickly (couple of minutes at most) which I hid. On Tuesday evening I did another check and the 32bit one responded within 5 minutes with the list. The 64bit one was still checking after 90 minute and I left it on overnight. In the morning it had the same list.

Both did the actual updates quite quickly.

  Richard Harris 16:37 16 Jun 2016

At one stage I decided to download and install the updates manually. The first one downloaded fine, but when I clicked to install it it went to a little window saying something like "checking updates on this machine". I gave up after an hour and cancelled it. That has to be wrong. I've installed patches manually before and it took 2 minutes and I didn't get that little "checking" window either.

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