Windows 7 update leads to black screen

  cloa513 23:57 11 Apr 2017

I have Windows 7 Premium Japanese version. The last update of 8 items worked OK on shutdown and startup but then the screen went black and the hard disk kept running and wasn't responsive to key and mouse presses. Finally I had enough and pressed the shutdown button and it shut down. Now it seems fine but I really like to know what that black screen was all about?

  Burn-it 14:56 13 Apr 2017

Look in th EVENT LOG

  woodm01 12:26 18 Apr 2017

I had my screen go blank when setting up Windows 10, but then realised it was going to the secondary monitor for a while, then switching back to the primary monitor. Hope this helps.

  Sky_wayne 14:03 18 Apr 2017

I think its just normal. When you install Windows 7 on the computer, a black screen is displayed during the installation process but the installation is still running.Just like what you just experienced lately. Thus, if you have multiple displays, then the primary screen will only be black when you encounter this issue.

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