Windows 7 update error saying reverting changes

  tom119 12:38 11 Sep 2016

Hi. My laptop automatically installed some windows updates and now states "failure configuring windows updates, reverting changes." It has been processing for over 16 hours now! Is this unusual? I manually shut it down this morning and reopened in safe mode and it is doing the same. Can you advise me if this is normal? I need to use my computer for work tomorrow and if it is not working, I might as well stay home Thank you Tom

  robin_x 13:15 11 Sep 2016

"Doing the same" doesn't explain enough.

What came up on the screen? Are you able to do anything in Safe Mode?

  Burn-it 18:45 11 Sep 2016

If one of the changes was an automatic update to Window 10 give it plenty of time to revert to 7. Even then many people have reported a failure to restore their system.

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