Windows 7 unverified OS

  ZaneHightower 23:19 21 Oct 2014

Okay I have a company that uses lots of computers. When we are done with these computers we give them away. Well all of the previous computers where upgraded to from windows xp to windows 7 then they were wiped and sent out. I had not started it up until I got moved and when I did so it said that my copy of windows 7 was unverified. I tried to go online and verify it and now it is wanting me to purchase it again. What is my next step besides purchasing it again.

  lotvic 00:05 22 Oct 2014

Can you be clearer on the status and install history of the pc you have 'started up'? ie is this one of the 'wiped' pcs that you have reinstalled a copy of W7 on?

If so, what type of W7 is it? Retail, OEM, Enterprise, Upgrade? and do you have a product key (and what type of key is it - Upgrade, VLK, Retail etc etc)

Not sure what you mean by 'unverified'? Do you mean it won't activate?

I don't see how your reference to a company and lots of other computers that have been wiped and given away is relevant? If they've been wiped then there won't be an op sys on the harddrive. - correct me if I've misunderstood.

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