Windows 7 Ultimate US Version

  Micro-Man 11:25 26 Apr 2012

I've just bought the full retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate from a seller on eBay & find that it is the US Version (X25-29510). Ignoring the EU restrictions on IE and WMP (not found in the UK version, does anyone know if this will install ok in this country?)

Secondly, does anyone know a web site where I can find details of the Microsoft product X codes (as per the X25-29510 above) for Windows XP through to Windows 7?


  lotvic 13:17 26 Apr 2012

English (USA) is okay. Some X product codes on Heidoc page of links to official Microsoft Digitalriver downloads for W7 Versions.

Only place I saw X25-29510 was on ClickHere could it be an upgrade version or volume I wonder?

xp product IDs ClickHere

  Micro-Man 13:40 26 Apr 2012

Thanks for this. The product does appear to be a genuine full retail copy of Windows 7 ( but as it is still sealed in it's box, I didn't want to try installing it until I know it would will work.

Incidently, the X25-29510 is on the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) label on the outside of the box (

  lotvic 20:22 26 Apr 2012

As far as I know you won't have a problem with USA v UK (is there a UK version? I thought that idea had been abandoned when they decided to use the 'browser choice' method).

Regarding if it's genuine - I have no way of knowing. If you have any doubts you could phone Microsoft and check both.

  sharpamat 08:29 27 Apr 2012

Further to Lotvics post I can understand his reservations as to if its genuine. Opening the box to confirm the number with microsoft, will prevent its return.

The price you linked to is approx 25% of a genuine copy.and a couple of posts seem to show others have purchased the same. Whilst it may validate the question is will at some time in the future you get a black screen and a message from microsoft advising its not genuine.

This could then leave you with the option to pay the full price to microsoft.

The digital river does allow legal versions to be downloaded. These can be tryed, and then obtain a licence from Microsoft. Not only of all versions of Win 7 But other software as well.

  lotvic 12:04 27 Apr 2012

Don't know if this helps or not - my Retail Copy of W7 HomePremium - X15 number on label seal is different to the X15 number on actual DVD's and the numbers on each dvd differ by one digit for the 32bit and 64bit dvd's. (bought from Amazon at the reduced pre-order introductory price) Product key is on a sticker inside the packaging. In addition my X15 numbers are not on the DigitalRiver download links in my previous post.

  Micro-Man 12:46 27 Apr 2012

Like I said, it does look genuine. I may email/phone Microsoft to see what they have to say all the same. I have however just found this online so will have to look more closely at my box first.

I agree that £90 is cheap but thats why people go to ebay; for a bargain!

Thanks for your comments so far

  john bunyan 12:51 27 Apr 2012


I hope you are right, but you know the old phrase : "If something looks too good to be true, it probably is". Hope all goes well!

  Micro-Man 23:58 27 Apr 2012

Sadly it looks like it is a counterfeit version! A high quality counterfeit but a fake non the less!

For anyone interested see a similar version is described at The photo at seems to be the clincher but some small spelling mistakes are present on the back of the box too!

Now for the fun of getting a refund from eBay! Doh!

  sharpamat 08:31 28 Apr 2012

Sorry to hear that its a scam man fall for. Sites such as e bay are a prime plach to obtain counterfeit products.

The site listed by Lotvic Heidoc page of links to official Microsoft Digitalriver

Has a lot of information relating to Windows 7 including Full versions

  lotvic 12:10 28 Apr 2012

I seem to recall sometime in the past that Microsoft Anti-Piracy team replaced counterfeit software with genuine (free or heavy discounted price) when reported to them. Don't know if they still do this. I recall they are based in Ireland(?)

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