Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Problem

  meetnavid 07:56 22 Mar 2012

Hi, I am well upset right now. A week ago I installed window 7 ultimate 64bit on my Acer Aspire 5542 laptop, updated all my drivers from manufacturer sites and everything went superb, no issues at all.

Last night I went to my cousins house and got connected to his BT wifi and still had no problem, then came home and did not even turn on my laptop. This morning I turned it on and it took ages to boot up and everything is frozen, nothing is working and even all the restore points have been removed as well. Errrrrrrrrrrr.

Funniest part is that its happened now for 3rd time that every time I go to my cousin's place and use his internet, I end up re installing my windows.

Only thing I can now suspect is that I updated all the drivers but did not do anything about Modem or Wifi drivers. Could that be the reason? Do we have to update modem/wifi drivers as well? Please help to safe me from future issue as I go to my cousin's house every weekend. Help Help Help.

  difarn 09:34 22 Mar 2012

It could well be that your laptop is freezing up after powering back up from sleep mode. You say that you are having to reinstall windows 7. Is this because it becomes corrupted? Have you tried the Acer System Recovery? Have a look at this article which explains this.

When you power it up and nothing happens do you power down and then power back up by keeping the power button pressed down a little longer? Does your laptop have a key(s) to bring it out of sleep mode?

When you manage to get your laptop back up and running have a look at the power option settings and make sure that all drivers have been updated.

Have you tried starting it in safe mode? Press F8 as you are powering up - advanced options - safe mode - log in.

  meetnavid 17:57 22 Mar 2012

Thanks difarn for your response.

I always shutdown my laptop at the end and not leave it in sleep mode. Yes it happens a few times now that my windows are working fine but soon as I take my laptop to my cousins house and get connected to his wifi and afterward when come and start my laptop, it goes extremely slow, sort of like dead.

I don't know if its got to do something with my wifi card or any driver? I really don't know.

I tried booting in safe mode but still no difference, it won't let me do anything and all the restore points will disappear as well.

I am sorry I don't have Acer System recover feature as I wiped off the original windows and re installed windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

Can you now think of anything? Thanks any way.

  difarn 18:39 22 Mar 2012

Have you tried connecting your laptop via ethernet cable?

If you can then you should have a look at all of your drivers in Device Manager (start and type in Device Manager)- click on each of the categories to expand them and right click to see "update driver" to see if they have been updated.

I wonder if you have got a virus. Is your cousin's wi-fi a secure connection?

Try running free Malwarebytes - click on the download now option. It will take a little time and then advise you if there are any problems.

When you have done this download CC Cleaner from here. Go into Registry and scan for issues. At this stage can I just issue a word of caution about using registry cleaners too often - they should only be used if you suspect you may have a problem.

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