Windows 7 troubleshooter /Missing Drivers

  Sheppitydawg 20:08 29 Oct 2013


I have a nagging issue that is an irritation rather than a fault I guess. A while ago i had a HP photosmart B110 rev.A wireless printer that had a reknowned software issue where the software would not see the printer (windows did BTW) and you had to reinstall the software again ...and again and again... In the end I uninstalled the printer and bought a new Canon one but my hardrive still reports the driver is missing (about 5 reports in fact). I don't need the driver ,and I dont want the driver how can I get rid of this message and the small warning triangle saying my hard drive needs troubleshooting? I can find the drivers on the HP website but it tends to add software I dont want hogging my system. If I remember correctly i am not certain this resolves the issue either,as the driver instaltion fails.

I also have a Roccat Kave headset that has a usb connection that powers the lights on the headset (nothing more).Windows insists on looking for this driver too but none exist (it doesnt need one). Again this gives a troubleshoot warning which i want to get rid of if possible?

If i run the trouble shooter I get the option to skip or install the drivers...either option just does nothing...the drivers fail to install...skipping resolves nothing...gah!

I am running Windows 7 x 64 Ultimate edition

  chub_tor 10:46 31 Oct 2013

When you say you uninstalled the printer do you mean just physically uninstalled it or did you remove it via Control Panel as well? If you go to Control Panel,Hardware and Sound does your old printer show up?

  jaywoo 11:46 31 Oct 2013

Using third-party system/temp file cleaners can sometimes damage HP driver installs, so exercise caution if you use such programs. Not the fault of the cleaning software, badly written HP drivers were left in, and run from the temporary folders. If you get messages about HPPhotosmart.msi being missing after doing a clean-up, that's the most common outcome.

If you no longer have/use the printer, you might need to remove left-over HP drivers if the uninstallation process left them behind.

click here hardrive still reports the driver is missing" - are you referring to the Action Centre? Click on the icon (little white flag in the system tray) and look at the list of entries - under each "problem" there'll be a clickable link - "Turn off messages about Device software" would probably be the one you'll see. Click it.


  jaywoo 11:48 31 Oct 2013 "click here" was a link to a page describing how to get rid of printer drivers.

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