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Windows 7 - system locks while applying update

  Spock999 07:30 05 Oct 2011

For the last couple of nights, there has been an update to apply when I log off. In both cases, the update seemed to hang and I left the computer switched on overnight with the monitor switched off.

On the first occasion it was still hung in the morning so I reset the computer. All seemed to be OK during the day but when I came to close down there was an update to apply. I guess it was the same one. It hung again and I left the computer overnight again. This time it had switched off but when I switched it on again it came up with a temporary profile.

A message appeared telling me to look in the event viewer but that is a waste of time as there are several hundred million entries which don't mean anything to me.

Where do I go from here? I guess I can do a system restore but that is likely to lead me back here after a day or two as the system tries to keep itself up to date.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

  chub_tor 12:48 05 Oct 2011

Have you looked through your Update History to see which update is trying to install? It probably shows up as failed. You could always try and update manually from the Microsoft Update Site or if you deem it unimportant then you can hide it so that it wont't present itself again.

  Spock999 13:07 05 Oct 2011

Things have moved on a bit. I have done a system restore to last Sunday and determined that the only update applied was KB2468871 (Net Framework client).

I have changed my update settings so I can vet what is downloaded and all that is outstanding is the KB2468871 which seemed to cause the original problem. Apart from something called Silverlight that is.

I already have 5 Net Framework updates installed KB2518870, KB2478663, KB2446708, KB2539636 & KB2533523.

I am a bit iffy about applying that update again but don't know if it is necessary. How can I check whether the it is necessary and I also wonder whether the system has an underlying problem which is affecting this update?

  chub_tor 13:20 05 Oct 2011

I hate those NET Framework updates, they always seem to take an age to download and install and at the end of it I don't know what effect they have. So far and fingers crossed they have all eventually installed OK but I honestly don't know if they are essential.

I doubt that Silverlight is the problem, this is usually a small download and is Micosofts answer to Flash, however I don't think that many sites use it.

  Spock999 17:03 05 Oct 2011

I gritted my teeth and initiated the update. It seems to have worked and is shown as installed. I just need to see how the system behaves over the next day or so.

Thank you for your help.

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