windows 7 sudden freeze apps not responding but no high memory or cpu usage

  django1 18:33 17 Jan 2013

Windows 7 sp1 on hp 6550 probook, i5 450M processor with 8gb ram.

Been using this machine for 2 years no problem, suddenly its all freezing up. Any app I start sits and goes to "not responding" and eventually returns, even windows explorer takes minutes to open a folder. Browsers take forever to load a page. Its exactly like a memory leak or a process sucking all the memory, but in task manager cpu usage is v low about 10%, memory usage v low about 40% of 8gb, and no one process is taking lots of memory,

Ive rebooted several times no change Ive installed all latest updates no change Ive run scannow and no issues were found Ive run a chkdsk on response was volume is clean ( almost instantly?) Cpu temp is fine at around 55 C

Ive run malwarebytes and found no malware Ive run a full virus scan with Avira and no viruses

Ive done a system restore to as far back as I could go (only to this morning) but no help.

  xania 10:16 18 Jan 2013

What is the size of you HDD and how much space is free on your C:\ drive?

  django1 12:43 21 Jan 2013

Turned out to be a HD fault.

Clue was : 1 The chkdsk returned instantly saying volume clean 2 boot diagnostics reported HD faulty 3 System exhibiting memory leak symptoms with no actual load

System was still booting and "working" and I managed to copy folders for backup but could not get apps to save data such as exports.

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