Windows 7 startup failure

  David Woods 10:08 16 Feb 2012

Windows 7 boots as normal to "Starting Windows" with MS icon but then goes blank. F8 and "Starting Windows normally" does not work. F8 into Boot Menu with a Windows 7 recovery disk in the drive reads it briefly but does not recognise it. If I can get beyond this stage I have a system image on a connected hard drive. Any suggestions?

  difarn 12:46 16 Feb 2012

Sometimes the F8 is very sensitive - were you lightly tapping it after you had started the PC?

When you tried to run with the recovery disc did you..

Insert the cd/dvd in the cd/dvd drive.

Power OFF your computer.

Power On you computer.

Immediately start tapping the F12 key.

  David Woods 13:46 16 Feb 2012

Thanks difarn for your suggestions. In fact I have now placed my Windows7 Repair Disk in the Primary optical drive instead of the slave one. As a result the disk has been read and Restore from System Image activated. After a couple of hours loading the system image my computer starts up normally. Shows how useful having a System Repair Disk and a System Image on a separate hard drive can be. Thanks again.

  difarn 08:06 17 Feb 2012

Glad you have it sorted.

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