Windows 7 SP1 [2MB] update appearing for systems with SP1 already installed

  Maccyroo 13:07 14 Aug 2014


In the last set of windows updates released this Tuesday there is one appearing for windows 7 SP1 but only 2MB in size. I already have SP1 installed and this new update is referenced to original SP1 knowledge base reference [KB976932].

I posted a query on Microsoft forum and got over a dozen replies from people like me that have SP1 installed but are being offered this "new" 2MB update, but no one seems to know what it's about for sure.

Would really appreciate any firm info on what this is for, why it is appearing at all on systems already running SP1



  Maccyroo 21:15 14 Aug 2014

Yes, obviously, that's part of the mystery. SP1 is several 100MB's The other part is that this update is appearing on systems that already have SP1 installed.............

  northumbria61 05:55 15 Aug 2014

Maccyroo - it is a mystery - it's not listed in my updates.

  john bunyan 08:28 15 Aug 2014


Maybe to do with the Office Suite - not the original SP1. What is the whole wording and date of the mystery update?

  Batch 08:51 15 Aug 2014

Nothing to do with Office Suite - I got this update on my two Win7x32 PCs which have never been near Office.

On the site someone has speculated:

"What I think is happening, but may not be correct as I don't work for MS, is that when SP1 was originally installed, the components of SP1 that were required by the computer were the only parts of SP1 that installed. In the meantime, something has triggered SP1 to install a component/s that wasn't previously installed and therefore, it's coming up again as being needed, but only the relevant part of SP1. I have just done the updates on 2 computers running Windows 7 Pro and the update appears as successful."

In Windows Update it just appears as "Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (KB976932)"

  john bunyan 09:28 15 Aug 2014

Possibly only on 32 bit machines? No sign of it recently on my 64 bit W7 PC's

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