Windows 7 soundcard query

  Happy37 20:16 07 Jun 2010

Hello everyone

I am currently checking to see how Windows 7 will work/run on both of my Pentium 4 PCs.

One PC has got a 3.2 GHz processor, and the other has got a 2.4 GHz one.

The one with the 3.2 GHz processor runs Windows 7 fine. It's the other PC that I am having trouble with, and I am seriously considering going back to Windows XP Pro just on this PC for the time being.

The problem is that the on-board sound (SoundMAX) works perfectly in Windows XP Pro, and I have never had any problems with this setup till now.

Since moving to Windows 7, the on-board sound does work, but the sound has to be turned up a lot before I can actually hear anything. In comparison to Windows XP, this is very different, partly down to the fact that the architecture is different in Windows 7 than XP when it comes to the sound setup.

I know that there aren't any new Windows 7 drivers available for the SoundMAX on-board audio as ASUS confirmed this a while ago.

I have today tried a Creative Audigy SE soundcard and run it under Windows 7. It works OK, but the fact remains that the "WhatUHear" or "Stereo Mix" feature has been disabled by Creative.

It was exactly for this feature that I purchased a brand new soundcard, but I didn't know that the "WhatUHear" or "Stereo Mix" feature has been disabled by Creative/wouldn't work.

So, can someone please advise of an entry level soundcard (preferably not Creative) that works perfectly OK under Windows 7 as well as having the "WhatUHear" or "Stereo Mix" feature enabled so that I can record sounds coming out from my PC speakers.

Any comments and suggestions will be most welcome.

Can the Audigy SE card be made to work under Windows 7 or not as I want it to? I am now thinking of returning the card back to Creative as it did not work as I had wanted it to.

I have tried the official Creative drivers, as well as the unofficial ones by Daniel_K.

Thanks in advance - look forward to all comments.



  drunkpeople 09:49 08 Jun 2010

have you tried realtek soundcard driver?

  Happy37 09:56 08 Jun 2010


Thanks for your reply.

I might be wrong - would the Realtek driver(s) work with a Creative card or not?

I am now looking or thinking to get an ASUS Xonar DS instead to use with Windows 7.

Any thoughts?


click here



  drunkpeople 05:15 09 Jun 2010

No Idea for ASUS Xonar.
Maybe this would help. click here

Good Luck!

  Happy37 10:42 10 Jun 2010

drunkpeople et al

Have looked at the the link you've didn't help as the cards are not the same.

The one I am talking about is the Xonar DS, and the link refers to the Xonar DX.

Here are the 2 issues/things that I need a definite answer about, before I decide to but the Xonar DS, ot any other card, be it internal (PCI0 or external (USB):-

1. I need a soundcard that works perfectly OK under Windows 7 as well as having the "WhatUHear" or "Stereo Mix" feature enabled so that I can record sounds coming out from my PC speakers.

2. What is the onboard sound processor of this card - is it ASUS based, or something else like
C-Media? I have tried C-Media based soundcards before and I find these too quiet, even with the volume turned up loud.

Many thanks for your answer - I look forward to any further responses. Can anyone else help, please?

Has anyone used any cards out there that are compatible with Windows 7 and work well?



  Happy37 10:43 10 Jun 2010


(PCI0 should read (PCI) above...typo.

  ardubbleyu 07:54 11 Jun 2010

Rather than swap out the Creative card, you can download Creative Recorder from their website (sorry, I can't post the link, but Google it) That will give you back the What U Hear facility at least. WRT volume levels, under Windows 7 the levels for output devices are specific to each device. Right click on your card and select properties. There should be something in there that you can check. My SB X-Fi Xtreme Music was only at 50% after installing Win 7, and it was easy to sort.

  cheap to fix 22:42 21 Jun 2010

Pentium 4 is a single processor.

windows 7 requires at least a Dual Core processor
or Core duo to perform at what its been designed to do. I am afraid you won't see its potential at that speed.

  Happy37 13:33 24 Jun 2010

Hvae now bought an external Creative USB soundcard and this now works perfectly well in Windows 7 with the latest drivers.

Thanks to everyone that replied and helped.



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