windows 7 sound problem

  lakeman 01:20 12 Jul 2014

hi all I have an oldish Compaq Presario upgraded to windows 7 . been running fine for a long time til recently. the sound suddenly stopped working. ive done everything I can think of ie updated driver (onboard realtrek 97)tested other speakers..usb speakers don't work either. the speaker jack when unplugged an touched makes a normal buzzing sound .I did tests in safe mode and it came up with "either windows audio or windows audio end point builder is not running" I looked and it says both are started..i cant do a system restore...would a new sound card cure the problem..or would reinstalling win 7 have an effect.. im at a loss what to do next

  rdave13 01:31 12 Jul 2014

Desktop or laptop, it looks like the audio chip on the motherboard has gone. Try a cheap usb sound card, for example , if it works then think about upgrading or not. Seeing the PC is old I wouldn't bother.

Let us know how you get on, thanks.

  wee eddie 02:43 12 Jul 2014

When I updated my old PC, from XP to W7, the on board sound did not make it.

A USB Sound Dongle did the business. Not very elegant but it works. Was, I think, £12.00 on eBay

  lakeman 11:16 12 Jul 2014

thanks for the advice..would a standard pci soundcard do in order to bypass the onboard sound. or would it be best to take it off the motherboard so to speak and try a usb card or dongle as suggested. if the sound chip had fried wouldn't it take the whole board with it..i find it odd that when music for example is playing the volume level indicator is moving so must be receiving from the audio services..the pc is fine in all other departments..thanks in advance

  lakeman 09:53 13 Jul 2014

as a follow up to this i decided to revert back to vista 32 bit in order to make things a bit more compatible with my older pc.things are ok but sound is still not there so going back to the first reply it would seem correct that maybe the sound chip has question now is would that be a sign of a failing mainboard. any recomendations on whch external usb card/dongle is the best in todays market. hear a lot of bad things about the cheaper ones do if anyone has had success with a particular brand id like to hear ...thanks for replies..

  alanrwood 11:25 13 Jul 2014

It is unlikely to affect the rest of the motherboard unless it us getting very hot and drawing an excessive amount of current from the power supply. Have you looked at the speaker jack socket and the cables to the speakers. Are they powered speakers. (I am assuming it is a desktop, not a laptop).

  rdave13 22:08 13 Jul 2014

The on-board chip has gone. Buy a cheap usb sound card as I linked to. Plug the speakers/headphones jack to the usb dongle first, then connect the dongle to a usb port, that way it will last longer. Usually poor plastic glue for the body of the dongle makes it split easy with a heavy hand. I have a 'buy one get one free' cheapie for my headphones so I don't have to faff around at the back of the PC. Still on the first one about a year after I bought off Amazon. Quality is surprisingly good for such a small circuit.

  chub_tor 09:49 16 Jul 2014

iqtechline is a spammer, FE has been informed.

  lakeman 21:12 16 Jul 2014

yes its a desktop..i looked at usb sound dongles and they said they enhanced sound but didnt imply they replaced the onboard. as you can gather im not clued up on this.ive been inside the pc and checked everything is secure and no signs of obvious problems. checked the powered speakers i was using on another pc with no problem.ive plugged usb speakers into my pc and they dont work. does that mean a dongle wouldnt work either.guy at maplins said an internal soundcard would probably be the best option..could someone explain the theory that when a onboard sound system fails how does a dongle pick up say a dvd or cd playing. cant quite grasp the concept. apologies if this is a basic question but its only easy if you know the answer so they say...thanks in advance

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