Windows 7 Search Bar Colour Change

  EdwardMc 08:21 05 Dec 2014

I am using a Windows 7 system and I am trying to change the following settings:

I am trying to modify the box that contains the text "search programs and files" within the start menu search bar - this box only shows until you actually select the section to type in an item to search - while this currently shows as white I wish to change it as so it shows in a cyan colour.

I have tried modifying the themes however these don't appear to have had any effect on the issue - similarly going into the registry and changing the RGB values under "HCKU/Control Panel/Colours" & "HCKU/Control Panel/Desktop/Colours" doesn't seem to have had any effect.

I've included a link to a screenshot below which shows the box in white while using a "high contrast" theme.

click here any further information is required feel free to ask and I'll provide it.



  lotvic 11:27 05 Dec 2014

Don't know quite how, but there might be something in this article that will help point the way: ClickHere Create a Windows 7 Theme Pack From Scratch or perhaps some link from Customize text page ClickHere

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