Windows 7 + Satnav and Windows Mobile Device Center?.

  spuds 11:21 04 May 2015

Recently I purchased two new satnav's, a TomTom Start 25 and a Binatone U605.

The TomTom connected to the computer for updates, using Windows 7 Home Premium without any problems. But the Binatone needs to be connected via click here link, and apparently Windows Mobile Device Center. The computer states that WMDC is installed on the computer and is working.

Yet no matter what I try, to connect the satnav, I keep getting a 'No Device' message. I have tried using various USB ports, both at the front and back of the computer, but still no success.

Having tried a number of options, including contacting NDrive (awaiting response), i was wondering if a member of this forum might have a 'walk-around' approach to resolving this problem?.

I would also add that I have Googled, and came up with two websites, but this has led to further confusion. The websites that seemed to have the answers click here and click here and there might be something there that I have missed. Or is there another way around this within Windows 7?.

  spuds 11:25 04 May 2015

The third link seems to be incorrect. Try click here

  rdave13 15:32 04 May 2015

Not a very user friendly site that Spuds. Had a hard time finding a download. Managed to find an update download here . That might help.

This might be of help with WMDC although you say it's already installed. click here.

Try connecting the device first then starting it or vice versa.

  spuds 16:57 04 May 2015

"Try connecting the device first then starting it or vice versa"

I have tried that, including rebooting, changing usb points. Even tried a power usb hub, all with no success.

rdave13 - I have now removed NPlus with Revo, and re-installed from the link you have provided. With same results. Using the WMDC link for a further download check, I hit a number of problems with Microsoft driver software updates.But it did find that there were 5 security updates pending. Made a number of various attempts with similar results, including 'No Device Found' messages.

I was in contact with Binatone via email regarding warranties last week, and they responded in a very friendly manner. Looks like I will need to go back to them, because I have noticed, that when I plug in the usb cable to the satnav, it automatically goes into usb charging battery mode. I have experimented with this, and found that the usb charging rate is extremely slow, but Binatone state this on the device when charging. There is no need for this action, because the battery is already up to full power, via a mains charger input.

So it could be a device problem,when linking with usb, which I will check out with Binatone tomorrow possibly.

The TomTom satnav didn't have any of these problems, and worked straight from the box, so to say.

Thanks for the input rdave13, most appreciated and very welcomed.

  rdave13 17:13 04 May 2015

Just as a matter of interest open device manager first. Connect the Binatone and power it up. Anything happening in Device manager? If not first click the view tab and select 'show hidden devices'. If nothing showing select the Action tab. If you only get 'help' in the context menu then move the mouse pointer away and then click on it again. This time it should show 'Scan for hardware changes'. Do a scan. If still nowt then Binatone help and support will be your best bet.

Let us know how you get on.

  spuds 19:04 04 May 2015

"Anything happening in Device manager?"

There were a usb code 10 message previously click here which did not resolve the problem at the time. Just been into device manager and the same code 10 message appeared.

A little bit more experimenting, allowing Windows to try (again) to locate any software drivers etc. WMDC download kicked into action, and ran through a loading procedure, with the end results that the satnav is now operating with NPlus. No updates for the satnav at this moment in time, so they must be up to the latest versions.

I will keep my eye on this over the next few days. One thing that might be interesting to know, is to allow time for Windows 7 to do its task in finding any problem, and see if that can resolve any issues. But it is a case of experimenting, and wait plus see the final outcome!.

Will tick resolved?.

  rdave13 19:27 04 May 2015

Glad you sorted it spuds. Should be ok now.

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