Windows 7 runs slower and slower

  ChrisMcCanna 00:08 28 Nov 2014

I thought this is similar to the 'Strange missing text ...' post from 3 months back, and am not sure that it only happens after power saving mode. What happens in IE is that I open a web site, and all the site page contents are blank, but the web address and tag are correct. Also when running other dialogues, sometimes the window contents are left showing whatever was behind that dialogue box. Windows does not freeze, but that dialogue does. IE freezes too, and I have to do a re-boot.

I am revising that opinion because it seems if I wait long enough, Internet Explorer does eventuall load the page (it now seems to hang for 60-90 seconds - I haven't timed it, but I will do).

I am running on a freshly installed copy of Windows 7 Pro, all updates are applied. Drivers are all up to date too.

I also am noticing quite a slow response when loading web pages in IE.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Chris

  ChrisMcCanna 00:19 28 Nov 2014

Having posted this, I decided I'd better time IE response to opening a web page, and now everything seems to be fine. I wonder if there was a scan running in the background earlier. I will monitor this over the next day or so. I was on Task manager, and there didn't seem top be any background activity going on though. Strange.

  spuds 11:31 28 Nov 2014

Do you use something like CCleaner click here because it might pay to see if that clears out the browser cache, which might help move things on faster.

With CCleaner, there is also a start-up and fairly safe registry program that you could use, to check for hold-ups etc.

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